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Chinese Language for Baby - Books and DVDs for Babies Learning Chinese

An infant unconsciously learns Chinese when adults around him or her read aloud books, sing songs, and interact with the baby in that language. Because younger ones learn through imitation, children who are exposed to Mandarin early on may end up speaking the language as perfectly as a native-born Chinese child.
  • Babies and toddlers can easily identify different sounds of a language
  • 0-2 years is also the phase that has the most language development, so let your toddler start with a strong Chinese foundation. Click here for age appropriate learning materials. 
    Note that babies and toddlers learn most from a parent/guardian, not a video alone, so use these videos as your guide when talking to your baby in Mandarin.

    Start your child early!  Have your baby learn the beauty of the Chinese language today! 

    Chinese Books for Babies and Toddlers Songs and Stories for Babies and Toddlers Learning Chinese
    • Learning Chinese books for babies
    • Fun and exciting
    • Countless hours of parent & child bonding
    • Stories w/ songs for babies
    • Baby will sing and laugh
    • Fun & easy way to learn Chinese
    DVDs for Learning Chinese for ages 0 to 2 Flash Cards Babies and Toddler Learning Chinese Ages 0-2
    • Cute and fun cartoons for baby
    • Easy way to learn Chinese words & phrases
    • Award-winning movies
    • Flash cards for learning Chinese
    • Quick, easy way to learn
    • Baby will get a head start on reading
    Learning Chinese Tips for Babies and Toddlers
    • Tips for learning Chinese
    • Interesting & informative
    • Perfect for new parents
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    Guess How Much I Love You
    Guess How Much I Love You Hardcover Traditional Chinese/English
    Our Price: $17.95
    Sale Price: $16.00
    You save $1.95!

    All children want reassurance that
    their parents' love runs wide and deep
    • Little Nutbrown Hare thinks he found a way to measure the boundaries of love
    • His father, Big Nutbrown Hare shows him parental love has no boundary

    Bilingual in Traditional Chinese and English
    Hard Cover
    I Love You Like Crazy Cakes ( board book)
    I Love You Like Crazy Cakes by Rose Lewis (board book)
    Our Price: $6.99

    This story of a woman who travels to China to adopt a baby girl, based on the author's own experiences, is a celebration of the love and joy a baby brings into the home
    Little Pim: Playtime, 3 Pack Bundle (Vol.1,2,3)
    Little Pim: Playtime, 3-Pack Bundle (Vol.1,2,3), Learning Chinese for Babies, toddlers and preschoolers DVD
    Our Price: $74.85
    Sale Price: $49.95
    You save $24.90!

    Immerse your Baby in Chinese language this early!

    Little Pim helps teach Chinese phrases that small children actually use, such as "I'm hungry," or "Let's play."
    • 3-DVDs set
    • High quality production, award-winning
    • with free Parents-Teachers Guide and Pinyin Pronunciation Guide
    • Characters flashed on screen in Simplified Chinese
    Mandy and Pandy Play Sports Board Book with CD
    Mandy and Pandy Play Sports Board Book with CD
    Our Price: $12.95

    • Ideal for toddlers
    • Mandy's best friend is Pandy, a giant panda bear
    • Interesting illustrations
    • Durable for toddler use
    Join Mandy and Pandy on their adventures! Your child will try love them

    Other Mandy and Pandy books:
    Ni Hao Ma
    Let's Play
    2books-in-1 Bundle: Great Buy!
    Ni Hao Ma and Let's Play

    Baby Learns Chinese, DVD Level 4,5,6 & Flashcards
    Baby Learns Chinese, DVD, Level 4,5,6 & Flashcards Bundle (Green Box)
    List Price: $86.56
    Our Price: $56.80
    You save $29.76!

    Baby Learns Chinese DVDs # 4-6

    Exposes Baby to
    140+  Chinese words about
    • Sports
    • What to Wear and About the House
    • Transportation and Professions
    This series uses the Doman method to teach babies to read.

    Babies can learn to read because Chinese characters are just like pictures!

    Elmer's Friends - bilingual children's book in English and Chinese Traditional Characters
    Elmer's Friends-English/Traditional Chinese board book
    Our Price: $6.99

    Elmer's Friends- English/Traditional Characters, Hard Cover

    Elmer loves all of his friends and they get along together even though they are different from each other
    Get to know Elmer's many different animal friends!

    Baby Learns Chinese, DVD, Level 1,2,3 & Flashcards Bundle Blue
    List Price: $86.56
    Our Price: $56.80
    You save $29.76!

    This DVD set teaches 140+ Chinese words

    DVD1- Body, Counting, Shapes and Colors

    DVD2- Fruits and Food
    DVD3- Farm Animals and Wild Animals
    Flashcards I
    • The Doman method, used in the DVD, has proven countless times, yes, babies can learn to read!
    • Babies can read because Chinese characters are just like pictures!
    See sample video clip inside

    CMEK Flash Cards - Chinese Made Easy For Kids Level 1, Simplified
    Chinese Made Easy For Kids Flash Cards, Level 1, Simplified Chinese
    Our Price: $60.00

    • Accompanys the popular Chinese Made Easy for Kids series.

    • Each flashcard is associated with a lesson in the book.

    • The set includes 135 word cards and 39 picture cards.

    • Flash Cards are Extra Large for easier reading (8.5" X 11") and is packaged in a sturdy box.

    • Simplified Chinese
    Mandy and Pandy Play - "Ni Hao Ma" and "Let's Count" Board Book with CD
    Bundle of Mandy and Pandy Books (2 books w CD)
    Our Price: $25.99
    Sale Price: $22.99
    You save $3.00!

    BOOK 1: Mandy & Pandy say "Ni Hao Ma"

    Mandy and Pandy teach their audience how to say the popular phrase "Ni Hao Ma?" = "How are you?"

    BOOK 2: Mandy & Pandy Play "Let's Count"

    Mandy & Pandy go around the neighborhood and practice counting in Chinese. 

    Kids Learn Chinese Phonics, DVD, Level 1,2,3 & Flashcards Bundle Red Baby Learns Chinese
    List Price: $86.56
    Our Price: $56.80
    You save $29.76!

    • Great way to Learn Chinese phonics!
    • The Doman method, used in the DVD, has been proven countless times to work for Learning to read at a young age.
    • The next step after Baby Learns Chinese DVD Series.
    See sample video clip

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