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Chinese Language and Culture Books and DVDs with Lesson Plans

For all teachers, here are books and DVDs on Chinese Culture and History that have accompanying free Lesson Plans.

The following materials are for grades K-12, with an emphasis on the experience of Chinese Americans in America and celebration of Chinese Holidays.

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More 100 Best Children's Stories from China
More 100 Best Children's Stories from China
Our Price: $12.99
Sale Price: $6.99
You save $6.00!


More from "100 Best" Children's Stories from China
  • 8 Chinese stories
  • Endpoints for child to think about moral lesson
  • With free accompanying Lesson Plan
  • Plus, 1 modern story set in Hong Kong

    English, softcover

Celebrating the Dragon Boat Festival by Sanmu Tang, softcover
Celebrating the Dragon Boat Festival by Sanmu Tang, softcover,
Our Price: $6.99
Sale Price: $4.99
You save $2.00!

The Ultimate Dragon Boat Book!
  • Explore the origins of the Dragon Boat Racing Festival
  • Chinese Customs
  • All about the races
Beautiful illustrations, written by an experienced dragon boat racer

A must-read this season!

Yang the Third and the impossible family by Lensey Namioka
Our Price: $5.50
Sale Price: $4.95
You save $0.55!


Can Mary keep her Chinese Culture, yet still fit in? Third daughter Mary Yang makes an unexpected new friend while trying to hide a kitten from her family in a challenge of American and Chinese Culture.
Ten Mile Day - Building of the Transcontinental Railroad.
Ten Mile Day
Our Price: $7.95
Sale Price: $4.99
You save $2.96!


Building of the Transcontinental Railroad that linked the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans. Over 6000 Chinese worked on it at one point.
Your feedback on the lesson plans is appreciated.
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