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Chinese SAT

Chinese S   AT II - Review Books with CD

Chinese SAT II

Chinese SAT II Money Back Guarantee
Chinese SAT

Hurry! Apply today and don't
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Chinese SAT II Books to get the 800 you want! 

SAT Testing for Chinese Language are on May 04 and June 01 2013

Start your review as early as you can! 

Beat the SAT test in Chinese with Chinese SAT II Books to help guarantee your success!

This book allowed me to get an 800 on the exam! It really was a helpful study tool. It would help anyone who wishes to take the test, but only if they can already read a little Chinese and if they are comfortable with listening to Chinese. The practice tests were so similar to the actual one I'd taken. Marie - LA
  • 10 practice tests for Chinese Grammar, Reading and Listening Comprehension
  • Over 300 pages for review!
  • Compiled by the Association of Northern California Chinese Schools
  • Used by SAT Review Classes
  • Essential practice for getting a high score!
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Chinese SAT II : Sample Tests, Softcover Book & CD

Includes 6 Practices tests, advice, and CD (188 pages)

Our Price: $24.95 Buy Chinese SAT II Vol. 2

Chinese SAT II, Vol 2: Sample Tests, Vol 2, Softcover Book & CD

More practice tests and CD (134 pages)

Our Price: $24.95 Buy Chinese SAT 2

Chinese SAT II Volume 1 and Volume 2 Books & CDs Bundle
Best Price - buy both to help you get the 800 you deserve!
Our Price: $49.90
Sale Price: $44.90
You Save $5.00!     Buy Both Chinese SAT II


Test Details:

The SAT Subject Test in Chinese is an 85-item multiple choice test.  This test is to be taken and finished in only one hour.

Section Sample Questions Description
Part 1 - Listening Chinese SAT II Sample Page Part 1 Listening 30 Questions Total time to finish: 20 minutes.  Listening is played by a recording.  There are no words on the answer sheet.  Questions are taken from daily conversation.  The test item is only said once, so it is important to focus. Sample Test page for Part 1 of the Chinese SAT II.
Part 2 -  Grammar Chinese SAT II Sample Test Page Part 2 Grammar 25 Questions Looks at the correct use of grammar in daily conversation.  Checks if you can use the Chinese Vocabulary and Grammar correctly.  Each question is written in Traditional, Simplified, Pinyin, and Bo Po Mo (you pick which one to use). Grammar includes complete sentences (fill in the blank), which is the best usage. Sample Test page for Part 2 of the Chinese SAT II.
Part 3 - Reading Chinese SAT II Sample Test Page Part 3 Reading 30 Questions Total time to finish with grammar is 40 minutes.  Using daily life examples, includes notes, letters, time tables, diary, news reporting, signs, restaurant menus, weather reporting, etc.  Reading includes Simplified and Traditional (you pick which one to use).  The questions are in English.  Sample Test page for Part 3 of the Chinese SAT II

Why Take the Chinese SAT?

The SAT Subject Test in Chinese is a popular test for native born Chinese, since the California UC System for example requires that 2 SAT Subject Tests be taken for admission. Taking the test is an easy way to fulfill this requirement.  And for native Chinese speakers, it reduces the amount of studying required. The tests are done in either Simplified Chinese or Traditional Chinese and is designed for high school students who have studied 2-4 years of Chinese.  

For native born Chinese, it is important to practice for the test to avoid the embarrassment of not getting an 800.  SAT II is the basis of colleges for course placement of students. The Chinese SAT II Test measures a student's knowledge of practical communication skills in Chinese.  The test focuses on everyday conversation topics, such as food, transportation, entertainment, etc. 


The very first Chinese SAT Test was held in 1994.  This SAT Subject Test is held only once in a year, usually November.  The Chinese SAT II exam with listening date for this year is on November 6, 2009. Registration to take the test can be filed as early as September.  This year the last day of registration is November 19, 2010. Check with the college board for details. 

About the "Chinese SAT II" Review Books

These books are written for those who have an advanced level of Chinese.  Book 1 has all instructions and tips, 6 practice tests for all 3 sections including verbal, and with the answer key at the back.  Book 2 has 4 more tests.  These are actual Chinese SAT II tests for practice, practice, practice...   Each book includes a CD for the listening comprehension component of the test.  The tips are written in traditional Chinese Characters, but the actual sample tests are in Traditional and Simplified Chinese.

The test has 85 multiple choice questions, a 20-minute listening section, and 40-minute reading.  The two books were  compiled by the and includes both sample tests as well as tips.  The two volumes are designed for individual usage as well as being used in a Chinese SAT II review class.  The books can also be used to review for the AP Chinese test.

Chinese SAT II Volume 1 and Volume 2 bundle has both books, which each has a different set of books.  Buy both to increase your score and save money!   Buy Chinese SAT Bundle

Test Scoring:

The mean score for the Chinese Test is 764 with a standard deviation of 64.  The tests have a range of 200 to 800.  The tests are curved.  The curve is very high on the Chinese SAT, so if you miss a few questions your score will be lower.  This is why its important to do the practice tests to get the highest score possible.  It's been reported that if you miss two questions, you will then get a 790.  You can miss one question and still get an 800.  The reason that the scores are so high for the Chinese SAT is the number of native speakers who are taking the test.  The Chinese SAT has the highest mean score of any of the SAT Subject Matter tests.

The full score is 85 points.  Each correct is 1 point.  For each wrong answer in item nos. 1-15, 1/2 point will be subtracted.  For items no. 16-85, 1/3rd point will be lessened for every wrong answer.  There is a conversion table that takes the score and translates it into the 800 score.  The book includes for reference translation table to see what your approximate score would be.

84 = 800 (you can miss one and get a 800).
83 = 790
82 = 780

What do you need to bring to the Chinese SAT II Test:

  • Pen, pencil, eraser and an acceptable CD player with earphones.  Make sure you have a fresh batteries.  You can bring a backup CD player. 

Customer Reviews

The book for studying for the Chinese SAT II. My daughter got a perfect score after she did all the tests in the book. I am so glad I bought this for her.

Susan, San Jose, California

This book allowed me to get an 800 on the exam! It really was a helpful study tool. It would help anyone who wishes to take the test, but only if they can already read a little Chinese and if they are comfortable with listening to Chinese. The practice tests were so similar to the actual one I'd taken.

Marie, Los Angeles, California

Chinese SAT II References:

Please note the above information is for reference only, and please check with the college board for the most up to date information.

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