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Chinese DVDs for Kids - Chinese Language and Culture

    Chinese is Easier to Remember with Videos!

    "This DVD has been the most effective teaching style for my 7 year old. She has workbooks, coloring book, and music cd, but she recalls the video teaching the most of all."

    - Lisa W., Annapolis, MD
      Comment about Follow Jade - Let's Visit Chinese Kindergarten in DVD

    Choose from the following videos:
    • Learn Mandarin videos
    • Cute stories and Chinese folk tales for kids
    • Chinese Culture videos

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    Learn Mandarin Chinese Videos/DVDs for Kids/Children Bilingual Animated Chinese English Books on DVD -
    • Fun, easy to follow Chinese Language Learning Videos for Kids/Children
    • Chinese Language Videos vary in their approach from teaching Chinese in a bilingual format including numbers, greetings, and parts of the body.
    • Children will watch them over and over, and while being entertained will learn Chinese!
    • Magical Chinese folk tales
    • An exciting way for kids to look at Chinese culture
    • Chinese/English bilingual cartoons
    • Subtitles in Traditional Character, Simplified Character, English, or Pinyin.
    Chinese Culture DVDs Discovery Planet Mandarin/English DVDs
    • Fun, easy to follow Chinese Culture Videos for Children and Parents!
    • Documentaries are in a Bilingual format with Narration in English and Chinese with subtitles.
    • Children will watch them over and over, and while being entertained will learn more about the Chinese Culture
    Learn Chinese while watching the Discovery Planet DVDs in Mandarin and English.
    • Animal DVD
    • Dinosaur DVD
    • From Discovery Channel
    • Bilingual in Mandarin Chinese and English
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    Practical Chinese Textbook, Simplified, Beginner Level 1, Practical Chinese
    List Price: $15.00
    Our Price: $12.99
    You save $2.01!


    • Learning Chinese Textbook, Simplified Characters Beginner Level 1,
    • The effective way of learning Reading, writing, and Speaking Chinese.
    • Series has been used for Pre-K through College.
    Little Pim: 6-Pak Volume I and Volume II (Chinese)
    Little Pim: 6-Pak Volume I and Volume II (Chinese)
    List Price: $99.95
    Our Price: $79.99
    You save $19.96!

    • 6 DVDs
    • Featuring 360 words and phrases
    • Features seven 5-minute episodes in which Little Pim and kids engage in fun everyday activities.
    Baby Learns Chinese & Kids Learn Chinese Phonics bundle (Blue,Green,Red)
    Baby Learns Chinese & Kids Learn Chinese Phonics bundle (Blue,Green,and Red bundles)
    List Price: $199.99
    Our Price: $179.99
    Sale Price: $159.99
    You save $40.00!

    Baby Learns Chinese AND Kids Learn Chinese Phonics DVD Bundle-

    This series uses the Doman method to teach babies to read.

    Babies can learn to read because Chinese characters are just like pictures!

    1 2 3 ... 10 offers Chinese-English videos that help children learn Mandarin Chinese as well as more about the Chinese culture.  These learning products are purchased by families, home schoolers, and schools.
    Chinese Children Songs
    Sing Along Songs for Chinese
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