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Learn Chinese Touch Reading Pen e-ReadBook , Books, Accessories

See How the Touch Pen works!

Encourage Your Child's Love of Chinese Reading as

... Books talk!

... Flashcards Recite!

and Stories Come to Life!

The Touch Reading Pen is just like the Tag Reading Pen System*, only in Chinese.

Some books have puzzles and games too.  Fun!


Using the Touch Reading Pen

  • Lightly touch the words, pictures or characters on Touch Read materials

  • And the pen will pronounce the English or Chinese words touched thus making the story come to life!

  • For stories, the entire paragraph is read continuously.
  • For stories also in English, its easy to switch languages.  Just double tap.
Note: For this to work, both Touch Pen and Touch Pen books should be used together. You cannot use the pen on regular books, and the Touch Reading book cannot be heard without the touch pen.
Also the input voltage is 120-220 vac.

Note: All materials are in SIMPLIFIED CHINESE

The Touch Reading Pen is manufactured originally for Chinese speakers learning English.  So these books are best used by students with some basic Chinese instruction, or are guided by a Chinese-speaking adult.

See our Touch Reading Pen and Books Shopping Guide for a complete list of materials.

More Detailed Information about the Touch Reading Pen

For full details of how the pen and books are used, see the Touch Reading Pen User Manual in English (PDF).

*  The Tag Reading System is owned and copyrighted by Leap Frog Enterprises, Inc.

Learning Chinese Touch Reading Books
Books to read with the Touch Reading Pen.  The Touch-Reading Pen is an audio pen that can read aloud accompanying Chinese books and flashcards, making stories come to life! Perfect gifts for children learning Chinese
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