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Friday, January 29, 2010

Was Lead, now Cadmium?

Disney toy jewelry recalled over cadmium - OC Register

Feds Probe Cadmium in Kids' Jewelry From China - Associated Press

Lead was big in the news in December 2007
with lots of product recalls. Lots of testing and legislation for lead, but obviously not for cadmium. Zinc is a what should have been used, but I would guess that cadmium cost less. The major use, 80%, of Cadmium is in batteries.


Friday, December 21, 2007

Another China Lead Story - Chinese Toy Factories

WSJ story about Chinese Toy Companies not doing that well. Basically razor thin profit margins and increased costs due to testing that their customers are not absorbing are causing problems. Their also seems to be a feeling of betrayal on both sides between American Toy Companies and the Chinese suppliers (translation - finger pointing). The story also mentions how some companies are moving production to Vietnam because of lower cost.

Tennis Shoe is a great example of following the labor cost. First it was off shored to Japan. Then Korea. Then Taiwan. Then China and Indonesia. Now Vietnam.


Thursday, November 8, 2007

Another Chinese Toy Recall

Not lead this time, but a chemical in Aqua Dots made in China and may be a supplier used a cheaper chemical in the manufacturing. Smaller company based in Australia that may bankrupt them. Just when there have not been any recent made in China lead recalls.

Of course the Thomas the Train that recalled the recalled replacements in September due to lead paint.

I am surprised with all the publicity, even a supplier hanging them self, anyone would be dumb enough to substitute a cheaper part.


Friday, October 5, 2007

Boy Scout Badges with Lead Paint

LA Times had a story on this today. Not good PR for the Made in China. Plus this story in the Wall Journal saying China's food regulatory ability is broken. China Strains to Police Quality. Note this report was by Congressional Investigators and they may have some political reasons (protectionism) to push this angle. From what I have read the US FDA just does not have the resources to check incoming items. There was an article, someplace, saying that food safety inside China was even worse than what was exported.

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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Update on Lead and Product Safety

Wall Street Journal today had an interesting article about the Lead in toys awareness spreading to plastics as well as ceramics. With the advice basically buy US items for ceramics due to lead used in glazes that may not be sealed (lead was one of the first additives for glazes thousands of years ago). NY Times yesterday has an article about how some toy manufactures in Europe shun China, and will benefit. This article in the WSJ surprised me pleasantly, China halting the export of Ginger and Garlic till quality controls are put in place.

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