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Our goal is to get you the right book at the right price so your kids can really Learn Chinese!

That is why we have 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.  

Is it scary to offer that?  Not if you have high quality books with reviews, product guides, and Learning Chinese Tips so people buy the right item.  

There is a lot of junk out there for Learning Chinese.

ChildBook's Formula:  

    Right Item + Great Service + Fair Shipping = Low Returns.

We hate returns, so we work very hard to have high quality items.  

Mini History

In 1997 my wife (Lillian) and I (Ray) wanted to bring up our daughter to be fluent in both Chinese and English.  Chinese meaning Mandarin, no not Cantonese or Taiwanese.  And yes, my daughter can speak Taiwanese.  My wife is from Taiwan and came here in High School, and my side of the family goes back to the Forty Niners - the California ones, not the Mainland Chinese ones :-)  Translation of this.  We are a mixed couple and our daughter is mixed.  Its cool when a Chinese who has no idea that our daughter speaks Chinese, finds out she does.  That just happened at the bank :-)

We started ChildBook because it was really hard to get good material for our daughter.  Yes, we did the suite case thing from Taiwan.  And asking relatives to bring back stuff.  And looking in the local Chinese bookstores (which still have a VERY small children's section, if any). And Ray was taking class with Peter Drucker who asked for a paper to solve a problem and the result was childbook.

Running ChildBook has been an adventure.  Everyday is something new and we communicate with the nicest people.  We are constantly working to add new items, improve descriptions, and just make things better for our customers.


The business got kicked out of the garage and extra bedroom a couple of years ago, so we now have a real warehouse.  And an 800 Number!  800-689-1218.

We also started a business selling Girl's Dresses, including Chinese ones at our other site,  Its amazing how expensive girls dresses are and so many of them do not look very good at all.

We have a huge amount of Teacher Resources  including lots of Coloring Pages, Worksheets, and more!

Product Offering:

First we started with just Chinese books, cassette tapes, and then VHS Tapes.  The Cassettes and VHS Tapes are now gone. We now offer for Learning Chinese Textbooks, BooksDVD'sCD's, and Software.  

It's now 12 years later and we are still going strong.



Ray & Lillian


Ps.  Yes, the pictures below are of us and our daughter when she was a bit younger.  She's now a senior in High School.

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