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Bao Bei & Early Start Mandarin Learning Chinese DVDs

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Bao Bei Panda, Chu Chu Cricket and the kids have fun together learning Mandarin words and phrases.

  • Introduces simple words, phrases and the tonal sounds of Mandarin Chinese to preschool age children
  • Fun and entertaining, encourages learning
  • DVD is designed around colorful and familiar objects children enjoy
  • Has Pinyin at the end
Early Start Mandarin Chinese with Bao Bei the Panda #1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 Bundle
Our Price: $119.65
Sale Price: $99.65
You Save $20.00! 

Or see individual DVDs below


List of Bao Bei Panda - Early Start Mandarin DVDs

DVD # 1 - Colors and Animals
DVD # 2 - Numbers and Fruits
DVD # 3 - A Wonderful Day
DVD # 4 - My Healthy Body
DVD # 5 - Sports and Games
DVD # 6 - Happy Birthday

You may want to know more about...

Language milestones for the 3-5 year old Child

(Understanding and expressing)

(Source: "Raising A Bilingual Child" by Barbara Zurer, PhD)

3 years old - SENTENCES. 
  • Child understands more of the language frequently heard. 
  • Beginning to understand language to describe how people think or feel. 
  • Can now follow 2-step instructions.
  • Can speak in simple sentences, mostly in the here and now.  Now able to recount something that happened.  Can now talk longer in reciprocal conversation.

5 years old - COMPLEX SENTENCES.
  • Now understands and speaks the language
  • Can speak in complex sentences easily
  • (Now that they can talk, sometimes they don't want to stop :-)
3-5 year olds can still pick up Chinese tones and accents easily.

Let them learn Chinese while young, use our Learn-Chinese videos to regularly
with your preschooler in Chinese.
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