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"Better Chinese" Learning Chinese Curriculum

Learn Chinese Material for Preschool, Elementary, Middle, and High School

Learn Chinese through Stories!

Integrated curriculum to motivate non-native Chinese students to start speaking Chinese.

  • Focus on learning to communicate, not just memorize individual words
  • Lots of supplementary practice materials
  • Excellent teaching support system for parents and teachers
  • Classroom tested
With 3 Levels of Curriculum Series for all kids:
  • My First Chinese Words - for the Very Beginner
  • My First Chinese Reader - for the Beginner
  • Discovering Chinese - for Beginner to Intermediate
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Ages 2-7, K-3 My First Chinese Words Learning Chinese Curriculum by Better Chinese
(Very Beginner)
Learn Chinese through stories

Designed for children to learn complete sentences that can be used in conversation.

Structured to make play-acting in Chinese easier.

Award-winning curriculum
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Age 7 to 11

2nd grade to 6th Grade


My First Chinese Reader Curriculum by Better Chinese
Fun and relevant context for age group

Lessons focus on communicating in Chinese, 

Spiral-up lessons empower students to learn Chinese outside the classroom
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Age 12+

6th to 12 Grade


Discovering Chinese (Beginner to Intermediate)

Designed for young adults with no prior experience with Chinese

Helps young adults build up their Chinese to SAT II levels!
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My First Chinese Games - Playing Cards, Traditional Chinese
My First Chinese Games - Playing Cards, Traditional Chinese
Our Price: $29.95


  • Fun Playing Cards - My First Chinese Games
  • Learn over 200 commonly-used Chinese words
  • Build Chinese sentences while playing games
My First Chinese Flash Cards, Simplified Chinese, Better Chinese
My First Chinese Flash Cards, Simplified Chinese, Better Chinese
Our Price: $30.95


My First Chinese Flash Cards, Simplified Chinese

  • 251 cards
  • 18 themes
  • Shows Pinyin, English, theme number, stroke order
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Sing Along Songs for Chinese
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