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Importance of Choosing a Career for Early Focus

How many times have we heard a graduating senior state he/she has no idea what the future holds for a career.  Kids often go to college for the basic foundational classes in hopes of discovering their niche somewhere along the way.  In the process, a lot of unnecessary electives are chosen, majors are changed, and it generally leads to a few years of uncertainty and tension.  Instead, students need to learn early on the importance of choosing a career for early focus.


A child who has no vision for the future usually has difficulty in high school.  While everyone has to take the same core classes, how does one decide what electives to take?  It definitely helps to know where one hopes to be after college. It can never be too early to choose a particular area of interest and forge a path to a promising future.

For example, a girl discovers at a young age an overwhelming love for music.  From that day forward, all her electives center around the classes best suited to help her reach the goal of becoming a professional musician, or work in some position related to music. She definitely has the focus to make the necessary strides toward achieving her desire to play instruments for a living.


For the people who cannot decide what to be when they grow up, much of the educational experience can be a waste of time.  For instance, a young man chooses a major course of study in college.  Half way through the program, he decides his vision of the future has changed.  But, along with a change in the career course also comes additional classes required to gain a degree in the new area of interest.  Sometimes, people actually graduate with a specific career in mind.  Then, after less than a year on the job, they decide to go in a different direction.  Ouch!  What a waste of time and money!


Yes, not choosing a career for early focus can be costly.  Every time a student's career expectations oscillate, it usually translates into unnecessary expenditures.  All the books purchased for other classes are essentially useless.  Dropping classes may get some of the tuition returned, but it is rarely the full amount.  Then, there is the expense of taking extra credits to satisfy another career choice. A student may actually take extra years worth of credits simply because he/she cannot make a decision regarding a future career.


Finally, we have come full circle back to the importance of choosing a career for early focus.  Studies have proven that students with a clear focus for the future are more intrinsically motivated to succeed.  The translation is simple.  Kids with a plan are likely to push themselves to achieve the best education possible.  Grades will be higher, courses will be well-chosen to compliment the plan, and students will be less apt to get involved in drugs or other questionable activities. The kids are running a race toward a positive career choice, and the finish line is in full view.

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