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Champion Chinese

Learn 37 Sounds of Bo Po Mo in 2-5 hours?
  • Kids who used Champion Chinese learned Bo Po Mo in 2-5 hours, instead of the usual 60 hours.
  • Award Winning Program for teaching Bo Po Mo and Traditional Chinese Characters
  • Teaches excellent pronunciation!

Champion Chinese is an interesting teaching and learning system of the Chinese language. It is an interactive learning program based on the principles of "Multiple Intelligences" and "Whole Language". This learning Chinese system is especially suited for those who want to start learning Bo Po Mo. It can also be used by those who already know some Bo Po Mo but also want to learn Hanyu Pinyin.

The Story Behind Champion Chinese: Devised by a Concerned Parent

The Champion Chinese System was devised by a concerned parent, Ms. Pei-Pei Champion. Ms Champion took her then 3-year old daughter to Chinese class and was horrified at how the children were uninterested in learning Chinese. She believed that the beauty of the Chinese language and culture were not justified with the way the lessons were presented to the children.
This motivated her to study the Bo Po Mo characters, until she found connections in the sounds and the images of characters. Later she developed simple mnemonic devices that let the children easily understand and connect the characters to the pronunciation. is now carrying the starter books of the ďChampion Chinese Sounding Systems & Pronunciation.Ē The starter books include the Studentís Edition and the Teacherís Manual. Audio CDs are also included for the Pronunciation Guide and drills.

About Champion Chinese Student's Edition

    The Champion Chinese Studentís Edition includes :

    * Table of Bo Po Mo to Pinyin
    * Activity-based study of Bo Po Mo. Students will be able to color and do activities to reinforce the Bo Po Mo and Pinyin learned.

Towards the end of the lessons, students are expected to recognize and write basic Bo Po Mo and Pinyin words. They will also be able to converse in basic, useful Chinese. Vocabulary is built up with the lessons so the students are expected to know the basics Chinese colors, numbers, shapes, animals, units of measurement, plus more. It is also expected that students will be able to follow the Chinese songs provided.

About Champion Chinese Teacher's Manual

The Champion Chinese Teacherís Manual guides parents and teachers how to teach Bo Po Mo and Pinyin with creative activities, such as writing, conversing in basic common conversation, singing and playing games.

About the Author

Champion Chinese Author Pei Pei Champion Ms. Pei Pei Champion is currently teaching at the Champion Chinese Language Institute, The Greater Hartford Classical Magnet School and the West Hartford Continuing Education, all in Connecticut. She also speaks to people in different places to share the wonder of learning Chinese using her method. She was awarded "Chinese Teacher of the Year 2001 by the East Coast Association of Chinese Schools. Ms . Champion graduated from University of Hartford with a major in Early Childhood Education.

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