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How We Started

My wife and I started in 1997 because we got very frustrated with the Chinese items we could buy in the US to teach our daughter Mandarin.

We had agreed that we wanted to give our daughter the wonderful gift of being bilingual in Mandarin and English (trilingual if you count Taiwanese). We started bugging relatives coming from Taiwan.  We also visited every Chinese bookstore.  We got terribly frustrated with the variety, quality, and price of the Learning-Chinese products.

That time, I was also taking an MBA class (Peter Drucker was teaching it) that  had a business improvement project. I decided to start my own business as a way to implement the project.

After my presentation, was born in 1997. Our mission: To provide Chinese language and culture materials.  Our goal was to be associated with high quality items, fair prices and great service.

The Journey

At first, started selling books and we used the Internet as a way to sell these.
People had to send in their checks and we shipped out the books, tapes, and some CDs.

We then noticed that videos were also available, and  that these have the same format as in the US (including Disney with excellent quality). This was exciting for us, it meant kids may also watch Mandarin videos even if they are in the US. So videos got added to ChildBook and the name lost some of its meaning.

Along the way, we got a shopping cart, an SSL, we changed E-Commerce systems to a database-driven one and got very good at fixing bugs.  We also got to meet a lot of wonderful customers, with whom we have had the privilege of making a very positive difference in their lives. (It also worked vice versa.)

The Future

Our plan is to keep on improving ChildBook and providing great items and services to our customers. If you have any suggestions, problems, complaints, or questions, please send an E-Mail. You can also greet us at Twitter

The best part of running is the positive feedback from our customers.

Customer feedback is very educational and we honestly can't get enough of it.

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