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Chinatowns of the United States and Canada

Some of the Chinatowns in the US date back to the Gold Rush, such as Portland's Chinatown which used to be the largest Chinatown in the US.  They used to be an ethnic ghetto of Cantonese speaking Chinese, many of whom descended from people who had been here since the Gold Rush.  There was a lot of Racism Against Chinese in the United States.  From riots with hangings to anti-miscegenation laws.  This has changes, with ethnic Chinese overall make up changing with immigration to one largely from China that is Mandarin speaking.  There are many groups of ethnic Chinese, including Taiwanese, Mainland Chinese, and overseas Chinese which gives Chinatowns a wide range of restaurants to enjoy.  From the old traditional Chinatowns such as Boston, to the new Chinatowns found in Monterey Park and other cities.  Many cities now have a Mall, such as Las Vegas and Atlanta with Chinese owned businesses, that are also called Chinatowns.



Chinatown Youth Center

Los Angeles, California

Chinese Museum of Los Angeles is now open. 

Chinese Historical Society of Southern California

Newer ChinaTown  in California (my definition is must have a Chinese Market, such as 99 Market, to qualify, so Walnut and San Marino did not).  Chinese Markets are usually surrounded by real Chinese restaurants.

  • Alhambra
  • Arcadia (great school districts)
  • Diamond Bar
  • Hacienda Heights
  • Irvine
  • Monterey Park
  • Rowland Heights
  • San Gabriel
  • Sunnyvale
  • Temple City

If a city has a good school district, it usually has a high Chinese and/or Korean population.  See Monterey Park and Alhambra is not so much the school district, but being close to Los Angeles without being in LAUSD.  Monterey Park and Alhambra are now for more recent immigrants and most Chinese have moved out to areas with better school districts.  City of Industry is also a magnet for businesses and is surrounded by communities with a high proportion of Chinese if there is a good school district.  El Monte due to the cost of land is attracting more Chinese, which is a huge change for the city.

The Chinese Beverly Hills - Monterey Park, California (old article, now the Chinese have moved to San Marino due to the school district)...

Oakland ChinaTown, California

Sacramento, California Things to do Sacramento is the state Capital (actually California's fourth).   The Delta outside Sacramento has had a Chinese community for over 150 years.  A good friend of my Father's grew up there.  History of Chinese in Sacremento.

San Diego, California
San Diego Chinese Historical Museum

San Francisco, California

Chinese Culture Center of San Francisco (has ChinaTown Tours)

Angel Island - The Ellis Island for the West Coast.

Chinese Historical Society of America Museum, San Francisco

Bay Area (General)-

Links on SF ChinaTown by local PBS Station KQED

360 Degree Tour of ChinaTown


Southern Florida Chinatown on the Web, Miami

Chinatown Orlando



Atlanta Chinatown Shopping Center

  • Shopping Mall with Chinese businesses.


Honolulu, Hawaii - Excellent web page!


Chicago, Illinois


Las Vegas, Nevada 

A new ChinaTown

New York

New York City, New York - There are actually at least three.  Flushing is a suburb, Brooklyn, and the original one in Manhatten.

MOCA - Museum of Chinese in the Americas

NY ChinaTown  


Boston, Massachusetts

Development has not been good to the Boston ChinaTown.

Boston Chinatown Neighborhood Center

Article about it's Fight for Survival from Asia Week

About.Com on Boston's ChinaTown



Oklahoma City.  I need to ask my Brother-in-law about this one, he went to College around there.  There was also a historical Chinatown here.


Portland ChinaTown, Oregon  - Used to be the second largest Chinatown in the US, after San Francisco in 1910.  Very interesting history.   Portland Classical Chinese Garden is very beautiful.


Houston, Texas

The old ChinaTown is being replaced by a new one.
Houston's ChinaTown with lots of local links to local businesses. 
History of Chinese Texans
Houston Chinese Association

Map to the "old" Chinatown

Map to the "new" Chinatown

Austin - one of the Mall Chinatowns.


Seattle, Washington

        Wing Luke Asian Museum

Washington DC - Seems to have been replaced largely by Rockville Maryland's.  On our trip to Washington DC, we did eat in Chinatown! 



Montreal Chinatown




Chinese Cultural Centre - Toronto



Official page, Vancouver is Canada's largest ChinaTown with a beautiful garden, the Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Garden

Another page -

Chinese Cultural Centre of Greater Vancouver
(604) 658-8865 Fax (604) 687-6260

Chinese Cultural Centre - Vancouver



Chinese Cultural & Community Centre - Winnipeg


References and Misc. Articles:

Article on Rural ChinaTown near Sacramento (Locke)

Chinese in Utah Article

Useful reference site - - Article on ChinaTown

Maps to ChinaTowns in The US using Expedia. Go to this page, then enter China Town, results are fascinating

I was doing my annual list of Chinese New Year Events and could not find a page of ChinaTowns in the US so I created this.  The plan is list the official page for the ChinaTown, and any other interesting links like local historical associations, Chinese Museums, local Chinese Restaurants, etc..
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