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Our mission at Child is to provide high quality Chinese language and culture materials, so that children and adults can effectively learn these. 

We want your experience to be like going to a local store, where you would walk in, be greeted by name by the owner, and given some tea while you browse through our store. We would like you to leave with a positive feeling because you are sure you got the right product for your children to Learn Chinese. 

Our goal is to give parents the tools to teach their kids the Chinese Language and Culture, since it gives such a great advantage to your kids!  This is why we have also added a lot of free materials, including over 80 Chinese coloring pages, crafts, articles, lesson plans, and more. 

As parents, we owe our child to teach them about their heritage and culture while they are young. The reason we started was our personal experience in trying to get quality Chinese children's books in the US.

Since our daughter was born, we have experienced valuable and fun time together reading children's books to her, especially in our native language Chinese (his wife's) and English (Ray's). We would like all parents outside of China and Taiwan to experience being able to read Chinese to their children. The bond of love and joy that we have experienced though reading stories in Chinese and English together has been essential to bringing up our daughter the way we want to :  To have her learn the best of both American and Chinese Culture and Language.

Our goal as parents is to have our daughter be excellent at knowing both American and Chinese culture, and be able to speak both English and Chinese without an accent. We see teaching our daughter Chinese as essential in giving our daughter the best experience in childhood and one of the greatest gifts we can ever give her.

Teachers all say it is very important to read to your children, because this will help them in school. We would add it is important to keep on reading to our children both in Chinese and English!

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