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Kids' Chinese Crafts

for school projects, Chinese New year, holiday greetings and more...

Fun Chinese Children projects

Designed expressly for kids. My first job out of college as a Manufacturing Engineer was doing assembly instructions which is just like project instructions.

Choose from:

  • paper cuts
  • puppet
  • holiday greetings/ envelope
  • Temple scale-model house

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Chinese Spring Festival Card Chinese Spring Symbol Paper Cut
Chinese Spring Festival Paper cut Card by Christy Wang, an online Chinese teacher. Paper Cut you can hang in your house of the Chinese Symbol for Spring!

Chinese Lion Mask Project Joss House Weaverville Model Project
The Lion Dance is performed during the Lantern Festival with performers wearing Lion Masks at the end of Chinese New Year. Lion's are believed to bring good luck and scare away evil spirits. Instructions on how to build a scale model of the Joss House (Chinese Temple) in Weaverville used during the California Gold Rush with pictures. Great in California for that 5th grade project (who wants to build just another Mission).
Chinese Kite Chinese Red Envelope with Writing
  • Instructions on how to make a Chinese Paper Kite
  • Project takes about 30 minutes

  • Instructions on how to make a Chinese Red Envelope with writing
  • Project takes about 20 minutes
Dragon Finger Puppet Craft Lantern Project
  • Instructions on how to make a Chinese Dragon Finger Puppet Craft
  • Project takes about 30 minutes

  • Lantern Project for Chinese New Year!
  • Can be done in under 20 minutes!
  • Great to hang for the ceiling!
Lucky Red Envelope Chinese Olympic Papercut Mobile Craft Project
  • Traditionally Given on Chinese New Year
  • Project takes about 20 minutes

Chinese Olympic Papercut Mobile Craft Project for hanging from your ceiling
  • Celebrate China's hosting of the Olympics starting on the 8/8/2008
  • Project only takes minutes to do!
  • Make more than one for your bedroom or class room!

School Projects Disclaimer

Theoretically, any school project should be done by the child with some help by the parent.

In one of the classes at open house a few years ago, I saw what an architect's daughter did of the Capitol Building.
Then there was the working saw mill for the Gold Rush. Then there was a Japanese wooden ship that was incredible (but the teacher could not find a kit).

As I have gone through school with my daughter, I have become better and better at doing projects, oops, I mean helping out my daughter with her project. Have your child work on a specific area of the project (and clarify with the teacher what s/he worked on). For example, with the Joss House, she did the landscaping. The Joss House is the most difficult and time consuming project here.

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