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How To Play The Christmas Chinese Gift Game

Christmas time is a time to hang out with family and close friends and just be with the ones you love. A great thing to do to have a great holiday party is to partake in a multitude of different games that every person regardless of his or her age will enjoy, this is certainly important because a typically around the holidays there are both little children and adults alike that are all trying to hang out and enjoy the holidays, so any person is going to want to enjoy the game that is being played at the holiday party.

Make your gift exchange fun and memorable by playing this fun Chinese gift game at a party

The party host should establish a certain amount of dollar or gift value and let all the players know about it and has to make sure that the price range will be given should be comfortable to all players. Each guest will have to bring one wrapped gift on that price range.  

To make it more fun and interesting, the host can give additional rule aside from the price range. She/he may ask to eliminate certain gift ideas like food, picture frame, wine, gift cards, etc. This rule will require the guest's creativity with their gift shopping.


Things You'll Need

  • One wrapped gift (per invite) 

    • 1

      Buy your gift ahead of time. This way, you can plan and be creative on what you're going to give. But don't forget the rules and restrictions the party host have given you. Gifts could be something gag, indulgent or useful.

    • 2

      Have your gift wrapped beautifully and uniquely. Should be eye-catching. This will make the other guests wish to get your gift and they might playfully fight for it.

    • 3

      Take a piece of paper, when the host passes them around, and look at the number. It represents the order in which you'll choose a gift. If you have a low number, you'll select your gift earlier. If you have a higher number, you'll select your gift later.

    • 4

      Make your selection from the pile. You can shake it to get an idea of what is inside although some host don't allow this. While the gift is still in play, you can steal a gift from other guest's hand. Gifts can be stolen until the host decides its frozen. When your gift is stolen, you can choose a new wrapped gift or steal someone else's opened gift.

    • 5

      Have a group picture taken to remember this fun game you played together.

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