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Chinese Father's Day Coloring Pages and Pictures

Did you know? -- The Chinese word for "father" sounds like 8-8, thus Chinese Father's Day is celebrated on August 8 of each year.

Cheer dad up on this day by coloring some of the pictures posted here and giving it to him.

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Chinese Father's Day Coloring Pages! Just click on the small picture!

Coloring Page Description of Custom

The Chinese for Happy Father's Day is
"Fu qin jie kuai le"

Say "Ba ba wo ai ni." (I love you, Daddy.) to dad on Father's Day --
and everyday!
Dad, you're the best!

Dad gets daughter balloons

Giving dad his slippers
Make a card for daddy for August 8!

1. Click the small picture, print the layoutted card on thick letter-sized paper.
2. Color as you wish.
3. Fold by half, and fold by half again. Now you have a 4.25 x 5.5 inch greeting card.

If you want, make dad a snack as well and place your card beside the snack you prepared.

Call dad and let him enjoy your card, as he munches the snack you prepared for him.

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