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Chinese New Year Coloring Zodiac Animals

 The Chinese calendar goes in 12 year cycles that are named after animals in the Chinese Zodiac. The story is Lord Budha summoned all the animals, and only 12 came.  In honor, he named the years after him.  The order is based on when they came to him.  Rat came first by hopping on the back of the Ox who carried him across the river, and then jumping off ahead of him.


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Very smart and opportunist.


Hard working


Very ambitious and motivated


Creative, smart, and calm.


High energy, born leader, most powerful of the zodiac


Very clever and adaptable. 


Cheerful, picks up quickly, popular


Peaceful and conservative and likes low risk.


Full of energy and extremely clever. Fast learner and has a great memory!


 A bit stubborn, but deep thinkers who are capable and talented.


Loyal, faithful, and responsible.


Organized for work and fun.  Likes to enjoy life, and is not one for goals.


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