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Chinese Olympic Mobile Hanging Paper Cut Craft

by - borrowed from East West Bank

Click for larger image.

Chinese Olympic Papercut ProjectChinese Olmpic CraftChinese Olmpic Craft
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China will be hosting the 2008 Olympics, and the official start Date is August 8, 2008.  The number 8 is considered lucky in Chinese, because it also sounds like wealth in Mandarin.  So the start date is on the 8th day of the 8th month of the 8th year of the century, a lucky day.  It's also Chinese Father's day, since 8 also sounds like Father.  My local bank to celebrate this has many of the paper 8's hanging from their ceilings.  Directions below so you can make your own Chinese Olympic paper cut. 

*  Three 8.511 sheets of paper (your choice of colors).  Olympic colors are red, gold, black, green, and blue.
    * 18 inches of red string
    * Staples or Clear Tape
    * Scissors


  1. Print out template for the number 8.
  2. Cut out template for number 8.
  3. Fold three pieces of paper in half.
  4. Use template for guidance and cut out the number 8 from three pieces of paper using scissors.
  5. Line up the middle along the fold of the three pieces of paper and the edges so they touch each other, 120 degree angle and staple the corners or use tape.
  6. Attach red string to top for hanging.
Smaller Picture of 8 Template. Click for larger image.
Chinese Olympic Project Template

The local East West Bank branch has a number of these hanging from their ceiling, which gave me the inspiration for this project.

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