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You are here: Home > Free Coloring Pages & Projects > Free Chinese Games for Kids > Chinese Rock Paper Scissors Game
Game - Scissors, Paper, Rock

Same as Rock Paper Scissors in the US, only done in Mandarin and in reverse order. 

2 kids face each other and decide whether to hold out their palm as Jan Dow (scissor), Boo (paper), or Schurr toe (rock).

At the count of three, both players hold out their palm as Jan Dow, Boo, or Schurr toe.

  • Jan dow - scissors. Pointer and middle fingers out in a V, rest of fingers folded in.
  • Boo - paper.  Palm out, all fingers open outward.
  • Schurr toe - rock All fingers tucked in, clenched to a fist.

Chinese New Year Sale!

Player with jan dow wins over boo.  Scissors can cut paper or fabric.
Player with boo wins over schurr toe.  Paper or fabric can wrap around rock.
Player with schurr toe wins over jan dow.  Scissors cannot cut rock.

Player with same call is a draw.  Nobody scores, so repeat.

Player who scores 2 out of 3; or 3 out of 3 wins.

If there are plenty of children, eliminate losing players and pit winners until 1 child is left and wins.

Order is reversed:

 English  American Order  Chinese Order  Chinese - Mandarin (Pinyin)
 Scissor  3  1  Jan Dow
 Paper (fabric)  2  2   Boo
 Rock  1  3  Schurr toe

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