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Chinese Valentines Day Coloring Pages!  Just click on the small picture!

Coloring Page Description of  Custom
Niu Lang (Cowherd) and Zhi Nu (Weaving Maid) are husband and wife allowed to unite only once a year.

Giving a valentine lotus

Valentine Boat Ride

Happy Chinese Valentines Day

A Valentine Kiss

Be my Valentine
Zhi Nu (or Weaving Maid)


Chinese Valentines Day

Chinese Valentines Day is an interesting celebration of love.  Like many Chinese special days, there are several versions of legend that tell about the holiday.

One Chinese Valentine legend is about Niu Lang (or Cowherd),  a young man taking care of a magical Ox.  This magical ox is actually an immortal from heaven, living out a punishment.  One day, ox adviced his young master "You are a good person.  If you want to get married, go to the brook and your wish will come true."  So Cowherd went and couldn't believe his eyes!  All 7 daughters of the Jade Emperor were there, taking baths.  Cowherd took the youngest daughter's clothes and ran off with it.  After the 6 sisters finished with their bath and all returned to heaven, the 7th daughter, Zhi Nu ( or Weaving Maid), still could not find her clothes and was left behind.  Cowherd appeared and said he will only return her clothes if she agrees to marry him. 

Weaving Maid agreed and they had 2 children eventually.

Later on, ox was dying and again advised Cowherd to keep its hide after it dies. 

Meanwhile, the Jade Emperor was missing the 7th daughter.  Weaving maid was the only one who could weave such beautiful clouds and rainbows.  He ordered the Jade Empress to come down to Earth and get back Weaving Maid.  The Empress went to get Weaving Maid, but Cowherd couldn't bear to lose his wife.  He wore the magical cow hide and put their 2 children on baskets and his wife's fairy clothes.  The family then chased after Weaving Maid across the sky.

To stop them from getting to Weaving Maid, Jade Empress took her hair pin and cut across the sky.   Now Cowherd cannot get to his wife.  Weaving Maid was taken to live in the Vega star, while her family was stuck in the Altair star. 

Later, the Jade Empress took pity on her daughter, and allowed the couple to see each other once every year, during the 7th night of the 7th.  It is said that during this night magpies join together to form a bridge that Weaving Maid can cross to reunite with her husband.

Some customs done during Chinese Valentines Day

-  Couples can go to the temple of the Matchmaker to pray for their partner.  They can also pray to eventually be married.

-  Single people can also go to the temple and pray for good luck in love.

The Daughter's Festival.  Long ago, girls wanted to have excellent weaving skills.  They pray to Weaving Maid to make them more skillful in weaving.  It is said that when the Vega star is high up in the sky, young girls may do a test of putting a needle to water.  If the needle doesn't sink, then the girl is ready to go have a husband. 

-  In some places, people decorate ox's horns with flowers on Chinese Valentines Day to have safety and prevent disasters.  On valentines night, women wash their hair.  Children wash their face the next morning using water left outside through the valentine night.  It is believed that cleansing your face using this water will help a girl have naturally beautiful look.  Girls also throw 5-color ropes on the roof for magpies, in the belief that the magpies will get the rope and use these to help build the bridge that will reunite Cowherd and Weaving Maiden. 

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