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Helping kids to Learn Chinese and the Chinese Culture since 1997.

Mandy and Pandy say, "Ni Hao Ma?" Board Book with CD Celebrating the Dragon Boat Festival by Sanmu Tang, softcover,
Our Price: $12.99
Sale Price: $9.99
You save $3.00!

Our Price: $6.99
Sale Price: $4.99
You save $2.00!
Mandy and Pandy say, "Ni Hao Ma?" Board Book with CD Celebrating the Dragon Boat Festival by Sanmu Tang, softcover
Chinese board book for toddlers & babies

Mandy and Pandy play together and learn useful Chinese words.
With CD that has unique pacing that matches toddler abilities.

The real Mandy is a wonderful little girl from China, now living with her family in the US.

The Ultimate Dragon Boat Book!
  • Explore the origins of the Dragon Boat Racing Festival
  • Chinese Customs
  • All about the races
Beautiful illustrations, written by an experienced dragon boat racer

A must-read this season!

A Magic Pencil Bilingual DVD Chinese/English Chinese Made Easy for Kids, Workbook, Level 1, Simplified Characters, 2nd Edition 978-9620435942
Our Price: $19.99
Sale Price: $14.99
You save $5.00!
List Price: $22.96
Our Price: $17.95
You save $5.01!
A Magic Pencil Bilingual DVD Chinese/English Chinese Made Easy
Grand Auntie Video - A Magic Pencil
Sam is down and out by his poor test scores. Just as he is worried about his motherís reaction, he happens to find a magic pencil that knows the answer to any question. Sam is thrilled with his good fortune not knowing trouble is lurking around the corner.
  • Running Time: 64 Minutes
  • DVD can be played in any Region
  • For Home Use Only
  • Learn Chinese the fun way, complete with pictures and various activities within the workbook!
  • 138 pages! Accompanying Workbook for Chinese Made Easy Textbook.
  • Part of a 4 part series for learning 100 Chinese Characters and listening and speaking skills.
  • Foundation for the 5 level Series, Chinese Made Easy
  • Specifically made for Learning Chinese as a second language for kids
Easy Steps to Chinese, Workbook, Level 1, Simplified More 100 Best Children's Stories from China
Our Price: $21.95
Our Price: $12.99
Sale Price: $6.99
You save $6.00!

EASY STEPS TO CHINESE WORKBOOK More 100 Best Children's Stories from China
Learn Chinese the Fun Way!
  • Forget those boring workbooks...this book uses rhymes, pictures, and storytelling for kids to easily remember Chinese
  • Focuses on teaching Listening and Speaking
  • Used by many schools, tutors, and home-schoolers! Best-Seller!

More from "100 Best" Children's Stories from China
  • 8 Chinese stories
  • Endpoints for child to think about moral lesson
  • With free accompanying Lesson Plan
  • Plus, 1 modern story set in Hong Kong

    English, softcover

My wife and I started Childbook back in 1998 to bring up our mixed daughter bilingually. Yes, Ray is not Chinese, and he knows enough Chinese to make a fluent Chinese speaker laugh. We were frustrated on finding high quality Learning Chinese materials.


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