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You are here: Home > Teaching Tips for Books You've Purchased > Chinese Lesson Plans > Dragon Boat Festival Lesson Plan
Dragon Boat Festival Lesson Plan
Duration 45 minutes
Subject Area Reading
Grade Level 1st-4th
Unit Title  
Lesson Title Dragon Boat Festival

Write 2-5 objectives stating expected learner outcomes

*Work on reading comprehension

*Work on Listening skills

*Learn about other cultures and traditions

Materials and Resources:

Awakening the Dragon - The Dragon Boat Festival by Arlene Chan

Modeling clay, paints


Crayons, glitter, glue, scissors

Crafts sticks, feathers, ribbon, colored paper

Anticipatory Set

List specific statements or activities you will use to focus students on the lesson for the day

Discuss the meaning of a tradition, but first ask if anyone knows what a tradition is.

What are some of your favorite family traditions?  Birthdays, holidays, special occasions

Are there any traditions your great-grandparents, grandparents, parents and you have done for many years? (5 minutes)


For the student's benefit, explain what students will be able to do by the time they successfully complete the lesson.

We are going to learn about a Chinese tradition and how it got started. Listen carefully to the story, especially when it talks about how the tradition got started and the description of a dragon boat.

Listen carefully.


What information is essential for the student to know before beginning and how will this skill be communicated to the students

*Read Awakening the Dragon: the Dragon Boat Festival by Arlene Chan (10 minutes)

If you will be demonstrating the skill or competence, how will this be done?

(go to "check for understanding" and discuss the story)
Check for Understanding

Identify strategies to be used to determine if students have learned the objectives

Why is the Dragon Boat Festival a tradition?  How did it get started?  Why is it a dragon boat and not just a canoe, raft, or other type of boat? Who participates in the festival? (5 minutes)
Guided Practice

List activities which will be used to guide student practice and provide a time frame for completing this practice.

*Have a sample of a dragon boat or the puppets you have made for the children to see.  You can choose to have the students create a dragon boat with modeling clay or work on puppets. 

*Center may work best, so the supplies will be handy in the center of the table, and the students can share supplies.  This lesson plan is designed for one or the other, but you can extend the lesson and do both crafts.  You can also expand the lesson to include the government, loyalty issues and more. (20 minutes)


What method of review and evaluation will be used to complete the lesson?

Have the students help clean up the work centers and put the supplies away. (5 minutes)
Independent Practice

List homework/seatwork assignment to be given to the students to ensure they have mastered the skill without teacher guidance.

None necessary
Assessment Depending on the age group, you will likely need to adjust the time for each portion of the lesson, especially if you want to expand it to 2-3 lessons.  What worked well?  What did not?  Do you need to adjust time for more class discussion, or add more time for the crafts?

*This is a Madeline Hunter Lesson Plan Template


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