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Dragon Boat Festival Worksheets - FREE and Printable

A Little Something to Show our Appreciation for Helping Kids Gain the Bi-lingual Advantage :-) Items developed by ChildBook to help parents, teachers to let kids have some fun learning more about the Chinese Culture and Language.

Dragon Boat Festival Worksheets that teach about the origins and customs of the Dragon Boat Festival. Worksheets include Dragon Boat Festival word search, fill in the missing letters and word match. Free to use in the classroom and at home by homeschoolers.
  • Just click the Dragon Boat Worksheet/Image you want and print.

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Dragon Boat Festival Worksheet's Information

Dragon Boat Festival Missing Letter Worksheet

Dragon Boat Festival Missing Letters Worksheet

Fill in the missing letters of each of the 12 animals of the Chinese Zodiac on these three. Great way to learn about the Animals of the Chinese Zodiac. PDF Format. Free and Printable.

Dragon Boat Festival Matching Letter Worksheet Dragon Boat Festival Matching Worksheet

Match the pictures for the Dragon Boat Festival on these two worksheets. Each of the pictures can also be colored. PDF Format. Free and Printable.

Dragon Boat Festival Worksheet Dragon Boat Festival Word Search Worksheet

Find the Customs and Traditions of the Dragon Boat Festival in these 2 worksheets. One worksheet describes Customs and Traditions of the Dragon Boat Festival and the second is the word search. PDF Format. Free and Printable. Third sheet includes answer sheet. PDF Format. Free and Printable.

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