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Eloquence Class Hiraoka Princess, Comic Education Series, Volume 6 by Painting Tree Studio, Traditional, softcover, 158 pages
Eloquence Class Hiraoka Princess, Comic Education Series, Volume 6 by Painting Tree Studio, Traditional, softcover, 158 pages

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Eloquence Class Hiraoka Princess, Comic Education Series, Volume 6 by Painting Tree Studio, Traditional, softcover, 158 pages

South Korea's super-popular manga studio, specialized publication of the series of books and comics to illustrated the content and fully display the beauty of a fairy-tale dream world and the heaven, so all ages can learn to be a lot of gain, so work young people are subject to ﹑ ﹑ adults and children alike.

Traditional, softcover, 158 pages

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Age: 6-12
Language: Traditional Characters
Media: Book
ISBN 10: 9867531551
ISBN 13: 9789867531551

Product Code: A0516

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Eloquence Class Hiraoka Princess, Comic Education Series, Volume 6

Honors from the bottom first into the river the sun, because the poor sap eloquence, when self-esteem, to the Magic Lamp inside elf wish, the little wizard to help the river the sun, the two went again to the fairy-tale world. 但這樣做,能 學到口若懸河的訣竅嗎﹖ But to do so, they can learn the know-how eloquent do?
常為了小事 動不動就哭哭啼啼的平岡公主。 Often to little things at every turn on the crying princess Hiraoka. 某一天,國王放話說要把公主嫁給傻瓜溫達小公主能夠靠著她優異的應對技巧,把傻瓜溫達給改頭換面嗎 ﹖ One day, the king put the words of the Princess should marry a fool unda ... ... Little Princess should be able to rely on her excellent technique to warm up to disguise a fool do?

本書特 色 <br> 從很久很久以前開始,人們互相配合、協調,生活在一起。 This book features <br> from a long, long time ago, people were co-ordinated, coordinated, and to live together. 因此,彼此之 間的關係變的相當重要。 Therefore, the relationship between change is important. 為了在關係中互相幫助、分享快樂,所以人們發展出'言語'。 Relations in order to help each other, sharing happiness, so people develop a 'language'. 把自己的意見傳達給對方,並且傾聽對方的意見,建立正確關係的力量,那就是言語的力量。 To convey their opinions to each other, and listen to each other's views, to establish the proper relationship between the strength, that is, the power of speech.

不過,言語的角色並不限於此。 However, the role of speech is not limited to this. 人們開始靠言語來思考,經由言語來創造未來。 People began to think through words, through the words to create the future. 舉例來說,發 生某種問題的時候,人們利用言語整理思索,進而解決問題。 For example, some problems occur when people use verbal order thinking, and thus solve the problem. 而且言語本身 就像魔法師的神秘咒語一樣發揮功效,能夠將未來改變為自己所希望的樣子。 And the speech itself, like a mantra, like the mysterious magician effective, able to change the future for their desired look.

據說是在世界 最具有智慧的民族之一的猶太人對'言語'的想法是這樣的。 Is said to be the most intelligent people in the world, one of the Jews 'speech' The idea is this. 言語是不死 不滅的存在。從我口中說出去的言語是瞬間誕生,卻永遠圍繞在我周圍並影響我。 "Words are immortal eternal existence. From my mouth say the words out of instantaneous birth, but it always revolved around around me and affect me."

如何? How? 到目前為止 說過的話當中,有些話是否改變過自己的未來呢? So far, the words were said, some words it changed its own future? 就算沒有改變未來,有些話一定影響過那一瞬間的情況。 Even if no change in the future, there are some things that influenced the moment a certain situation. 聽到這些話突然不敢隨便說話了? To hear these words suddenly hesitant to speak? 不要擔心。 Do not worry. 以後說出更多 能夠讓我的未來更為明亮的言語就可以啦。 After more can I say the future is much brighter speech can be 啦.
好了,從現在開始我們去尋找能夠成為未來'黃金種子'的良言吧? Well, from now on we have to look to the future 'golden seed' of good words, right?

Traditional, softcover, 158 pages

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