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Lesser Known Chinese Festivals

Includes background, history, and current cultural celebrations. More coloring pictures of these festivals also available for kids to learn more about the lesser known Chinese festivals.
Chinese Father's Day Chinese Valentines Day
The Chinese word for father, "ba ba" sounds like 8-8, thus Chinese Father's Day is celebrated on August 8.
One Chinese Valentine legend is about Niu Lang (or Cowherd),  a young man taking care of a magical Ox.  This magical ox is actually an immortal from heaven, living out a punishment.  One day, ox adviced his young master "You are a good person.  If you want to get married, go to the brook and your wish will come true."  So Cowherd went and couldn't believe his eyes!  All 7 daughters of the Jade Emperor were there, taking baths.  Cowherd took the youngest daughter's clothes and ran off with it.  After the 6 sisters finished with their bath and all returned to heaven, the 7th daughter, Zhi Nu ( or Weaving Maid), still could not find her clothes and was left behind.  Cowherd appeared and said he will only return her clothes if she agrees to marry him.
The Clear and Bright Festival Hungry Ghost Festival
The Clear and Bright Festival, also known more commonly as Ching Ming, is a day that people set out to sweep and dust the graves of their ancestors. It is held some time in April every leap year.
The Hungry Ghost Festival, sometimes called Half July, is the Chinese version of All Souls' Day, where the living appease ghosts with a huge feast, so they will not harm anyone. The holiday takes place on the 15th day of the 7th month of the lunar Chinese calendar. The Hungry Ghost Festival takes place in China, as well as Singapore and Malaysia. It is a very serious holiday that the Chinese do not disregard.
Kitchen God Day Laba Festival
The Kitchen God, Zao Jun, is one of the most important gods in Chinese history. He is the domestic god that is responsible for returning to Heaven once a year to report what each household in China has done over the past year. Then the mighty Jade Emperor either blesses or curses the households according to their deeds. Zao Jun makes his journey on the 23rd day of the 12th lunar month, just before the Chinese New Year. The traditional name for the holiday is "Xiao Nian."
Laba Festival is held on the 8th day of the 12th lunar month on the Chinese calendar. It is a festival that started as a sacrificial offering to ancestors. The Laba Festival was also a time for the ancient Chinese to pray to heaven and earth that there would be a bountiful harvest. Many people hoped for good luck as well for the coming year.
Lantern Festival Mid-Winter Festival / Winter Solstice
The festival is celebrated on the 15th day of the 1st month in the lunar year on the Chinese calendar and signifies the end of the Chinese New Year. Children participate in this festival by going to temples at night with rabbit-shaped lanterns. The lanterns are lit and have riddles upon them, which the children enjoy trying to answer. It is a traditional holiday for the Chinese, holding many mysteries still today.
The Chinese Mid-Winter Festival is officially known as Dongzhi Festival. It falls directly on or around December 22 of each year. The holiday is strongly associated with Yin (female) forces diminishing and Yang (masculine) forces growing stronger in the cosmos. It is actually on the day that the sun shines weakly and daylight is shortened. This is a very important holiday for the country, and is still celebrated in parts of China today.
Tomb Sweeping Day Mother's Day
Tomb Sweeping Day is a celebration of new life, but also a day to honor ancestors. It is believed that ancestors watch
over their families in their afterlife.   It is an important Chinese Holiday.
Mother's Day coloring pages for kids
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