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Customers' Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) from ChildBook


1. What is your shipping rates?

Free shipping within the US for orders over $25.  The rest is basically at our cost.  Unfortunately, shipping is not free.

Overseas is especially costly.  More at our Shipping Rates Page.


2. What is your return policy?

Easy Returns within 30 days with the goal of being fair to our customers and us.  Current policy is here Money Back Policy


3. Do you accept purchase orders?  

Yes.  More here.Purchase Orders


4. How Do I find Out About Children Chinese Schools In The US?

Please see our Chinese Schools Web Page.


5. How to find a Chinese tutor?

Still working on this.   A blog post I just wrote on Chinese Tutor Web Sites this


6. Why do you use a P.O. Box for your address? Are you hiding something?

Because we are a virtual company, we don't have a physical store. So we just use a P.O. Box.

Plus our house is a mess and we are hiding that fact.

If you really need to meet us over lunch, we are located in Southern California in the Los Angeles area. We also often visit Silicon Valley in Northern California.


7. How do you bring up your daughter bilingually?

Please see our page on  Learning Chinese Advice for this and more information! 


8. How Long Will it Take Until You Ship An Order?

Our goal is to ship all orders within 1 day and we achieve that 95% of the time.


9. Is that your daughter's picture in the About Us Section?

Yes, we went to Taiwan and had some wedding pictures taken (10 years after the fact) and that picture was so cute we thought it fit our site. There is also a picture of Ray as a Chinese Emperor, but he refuses to post that. Other pictures used throughout the site are done by Kathleen Reeve, who does an amazing job of family and children portraits. They are truly works of art. She is located in the San Jose (Silicon Valley) area of California.


10. What is Volusion?

Volusion is the company we use to host our catalog and lets our customers buy items with a shopping cart. Our core competency is not building IT systems, so we prefer to outsource when possible.


11. How long have you been in business?

We registered in November of 1997 and the business has been growing since then.


12. Does Ray know any Chinese?

Very little (Nei How Ma, Bing Shray, etc.), but he has this dream of spending a few months in Taiwan to learn, so Chinese people won't laugh at him whenever he says anything.


13. Who Is Peter Drucker?

Father of Management. The Economist called him the Guru of Management Gurus. Ray's MBA is from a school named after Dr. Drucker. Dr. Drucker also taught at that school.


14. What is your design philosophy?

Simple and Fast Loading. We believe our customers have little time due to usually having small children and our site reflects that.


15. What happened to Ansa Enterprise?

Ray finally went down and got a legitimate business name for

All reference to Ansa Enterprise has been removed from the site.

Having a large check that he could not cash was a big motivator.


16. What is Simplified and Traditional Characters?

Please see our page on this explaining the different forms of Writing Chinese.


17. Has www.childbook ever been in the newspaper?

Yes, a story about us was published in the Sing Tao Daily News. It was also mentioned in the Wall Street Journal.


18. Does have a catalog?

No, it's all online. Many items are not online so send us an E-Mail if there is a particular item you are looking for.


19. Why is www.childbook only in English?

We originally did the site using Big 5 coding, but we got so many e-mails about your page has been corrupted that we decided to go to English. It was also a lot easier than entering Chinese or trying to educate all of our customers on how to decode Chinese.


20. Where do you get your books from?

Our books come from all over the world. Mostly Taiwan and the US, but we have some books from China.

The problem we have is we desire very high quality items so we have very satisfied customers. Books from China are not always of the quality that would be acceptable to our customers.

We are also looking into adding items from Singapore and Hong Kong so that we can bring you the highest quality Chinese materials in the world.


21. Who chose all those stupid colors on your web site? Is somebody color blind?



22. Who chose all those wonderful colors on your web site?



If you have questions, please send us an email.

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