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How ChildBook Selects Products:

  1. We hand-pick products.  Preferably award-winning, fun, easy-to-use high quality products
  2. We also decide based on your (customers') opinion.

Please Don't Run, but We'd Like a Long-Term Relationship

Our goal is to have a long-term relationship with you.  We want that you will trust us enough to want to become repeat customers.

That is why we try very hard to only sell high quality Chinese ProductsWe have your preferences in mind when we hand pick the products we carry.  When selecting products, we want products that actually help our customers Learn Chinese

Award winning products are always appreciated and we look for ones that are fun, easy to use, practical, and actually useful for Learning Chinese or about the culture.  Because of taking the time to pick great Learning Chinese Materials, we have a very low return rate and we can also offer a 100% money back guarantee.
Dr. Seuss books are a great example.  In English, they are great!  Unfortunately, Chinese grammar is a bit different.  Dr Seuss in Chinese does not rhyme.  It's all just nonsense words because the publishers did a word-for-word translation.  Because of this, we don't sell them.

It's Also Your Call

We also turned on the customer ratings feature for your advantage.  We are not afraid to let our customers see the opinions of other customers on what we sell.  We welcome both negative and positive feedback.  We appreciate that as other customers make better choices, reviews also guide us in picking products.
One time, we carried this songs-CD that contained songs sung in a high pitch voice.  The producer commented that they made it that way so the Chinese is clear. Several customers commented it's not what they are looking for for their kids to learn Chinese.  After reading the feedback from the customers about this product, and seeing their viewpoint, I stopped carrying the product.

It's challenging to find products with both English and Chinese that are high quality. We also adjust prices of products to make sure you get these at fair prices.  What is interesting and more often than not, the producer will adjust the suggested retail price to what ChildBook originally set it at.

By selecting only great products, it makes selling our items a lot easier and our return rate extremely low
Feedback, as always, is extremely appreciated.
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