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How to Get into an Ivy League College 

Today, it is a scramble to get the good jobs.  With large and small companies downsizing or going out of business, the competition for employment is fierce.  In an effort to ensure future success and job security, many people believe graduating from an Ivy League college is a major step in the right direction.  Although brief in scope, here are some ideas to help you or your children achieve the educational goals necessary. 

Never too Early 

Parents, it is never too early to start a child on the educational road to success.  Statistically, the young adults accepting into the best schools started out in the best preschools.  Although it may seem like a stuffy or conceited ideal, the principle is nothing but sound. 

Children in the best preschool usually learn to read early.  Plus, the intrinsic motivation to keep learning is instilled at a very young age.  With a good foundation for the desire to learn, our kids are more likely to achieve a stellar education later on in life, with only a little extra encouragement from parents and educators. 

Several years ago, a study in reveals a 50% functional illiteracy rate among the adults in America.  Normally, most people think it is a third world problem.  Not so!  Even though most individuals can read, approximately half cannot comprehend material above the 8th grade level, which is necessary to succeed in the workplace. 

So, maybe you do not have the money or the facility available for a premium preschool.  No problem!  Teach your child to read by reading to your child-EVERY DAY.  Then, when he/she is starting to show an interest or ability to learn the skill, you can teach your preschool age child to read.  Personally, one of the best resources to complete this task is Teaching Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons by Seigfried Englemann, et al. The instructions walk parents through the learning process.  It really is easy. After completing the book, a child is reading at second grade level.   

In short, reading is the foundation for education in every other subject.  With a solid foundation and a love of learning, your child is well on the road to academic success.  While a great preschool is a wonderful asset, parents can start preparing a child early. 

Academic Choices 

Oftentimes, school is so busy catering to the classroom as a whole, challenging children destined for Ivy League educations can be a real issue.  The fallacies of the No Child Left Behind Act can be strongly debated.  However, other than underscoring the difficulties facing public education, this is neither the time nor the place. Suffice it to say, it is largely up to the parents and the students to make the right academic choices. 

If a child is not challenged in grade school, parents can help children learn and grow outside of the classroom.  Plenty of home schooling materials are available on the Internet and the larger book stores.  For example, when a son/daughter shows a propensity toward math, encourage the interest. Get extra learning materials and spend some quality time with your child in learning and expanding the interest. 

When your child gets into junior high and high school, it will be imperative to make the right choices.  School is going to be a job, and not necessarily an easy one.  To even be considered for an Ivy League college, kids need to have an exemplary school records.  So, students need to enroll in any accelerated classes available.  For instance, in high school, many campuses offer classes that also count toward college credits.  Also, some local colleges also offer classes to high school students as a duel grade.  Obviously, the work load is tough, but the best colleges accept the students that obviously show the desire to learn and achieve academic excellence. 

For More Information: 

For more information, read part II of the article based on this subject.  Also, for more in-depth instruction on how to gain enrollment in the best colleges and universities in the nation, read A in for Acceptance by Michele A. Hernandez.  Please, do not wait until it is time to send in the applications.  Start today, if you want to be a student in a top college tomorrow. 

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