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You are here: Home > Teaching Tips for Books You've Purchased > School Tips & Education Articles > How to Get into an Ivy League College--Part II

How to Get into an Ivy League College-Part 2 

In the first article, providing a good educational foundation is a primary prerequisite for getting into an Ivy League university or other top colleges.  Following are some other ideas on ensuring you or your child achieves the best education possible.  However, for in-depth advice from a professional in the admissions process for these stellar institutions, please consider the guide to be mentioned in this writing. 

The Application Process 

During grade school and high school, a student has received the best education available.  Now is the time to fill out an application and hope the university or college selects you as a future student.  As such, it is also time to put your best foot forward and not relax, assuming the grades will speak for themselves. 

Remember, the scholars who are looking at your application are also looking at thousands of others.  So, you want to make sure yours stands out.  First, while some colleges will accept the standard application, it is advisable to obtain the application from each school.  The selection committee knows EXACTLY what to look for in future students, and where to look for the deciding factors.  Using the school's forms make the process a lot easier.  If other forms are used, make sure to add any specifically required material 


Presentation is a big deal.  Sloppy applications, thrown together at the last minute, speak a lot to the dedication of the potential student.  Show a sense of professionalism.  Type the application in an easy to read font.  If more space is required and extra sheet of paper and a stapler are recommended, rather than scrunched handwriting. 

Also, do not forget to add your community service or extracurricular activities.  While these aspects of your growth may not have anything to do with your academic intelligence, it does speak to your dedication, hard work, and commitment to becoming a successful asset to any community you grace in the future. 

Colleges do not want to just fill a student's head with the best knowledge, only to keep it locked in his/her brain.  The idea is to help educate a community of people who want to succeed and make a difference in society.  The students will hopefully grow to be tomorrow's leaders and educators. So, put your best foot forward in the application. 

Do Your Homework 

Getting into an Ivy League University is not in the luck of the draw.  It is a process throughout the educational years, with a specific goal in mind.  Therefore, do your homework!  Yes, it does mean doing your best in every grade before college.  But, it also involves much more preparedness.   

Do not do a couple of activities in community service, just so it looks good on the application later.  You must have the attitude of being an active member in society in general.  In other words, if you truly want to make a difference, show it along the way. 

Next, take advantages of the services of a guidance counselor at school, or other professional educators at the college level.  Ask questions, and act on the answers.  Also, write to the educational institutions.  Ask what is needed to improve the chances for acceptance.  Show a sincere interest.  Seek advice. 

Finally, read!  Plenty of literature is available from learned individuals who have participated in the processes of entering and selecting students for Ivy League schools.  For example, Michele A. Hernandez is a former assistant director of admissions to Dartmouth.  She knows exactly what the committees are looking for, when selecting the next freshman class. So, reading her book A is for Admission will prove to be a great resource.   

In Summary 

Ensuring a stellar education begins before a child ever darkens the doors of the public education system.  Reading well is the foundation for all learning in the future.  Plus, providing the resources to expound learning interests is really important.  If you want the best education, do not wait until college.  Start by taking accelerated classes, college level courses, and becoming genuinely involved in the community.  When it finally becomes time to apply, do not disregard the competition.  Put your best foot forward with a professional and thorough presentation of your qualifications for admission.  Start today for a brighter future tomorrow.

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