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Affiliate Program - Instructions

Welcome to ChildBook's Affiliate instructions Page!

Below are some details on what you can do with your site as you help families find premium learn-Chinese materials.  You can even earn some on the side.  

Please contact us if you have any questions.



Affiliate Program Details:

What: You earn commissions when visitors of your site visit and buy any products from ChildBook.

After you sign up and have been approved as an affiliate, go to ACCOUNT
to log in (but if you are already logged in, click on Account on top of this page and proceed to step 2). 

2. On the My Account / Order status page that you're on, scroll down to the bottom to "Affiliate Statistics" and click the "Visit My Affiliate Page" link

Program Details:

Banners: There is a page with banners, your code, and at the bottom left of the page in the link affiliate (it will prompt you to login) after you have been approved as an affiliate

This page automatically generates the needed code (but make sure to log in first):

Payouts: 10% of the sale you generated within 7 days made from your affiliate/special link.

You can also earn money by inviting other people to sign up as an affiliate by clicking on your affiliate/special link.  It's 3% for one level down, then 2% through level 5 (with second to fifth person, you get 2% commission from them).

Please do not forget to read ChildBook's Affiliate Agreement
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