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You are here: Home > Free Coloring Pages & Projects > Chinese Children Projects > Joss House Weaverville Model Project

Joss House - Project of building a Chinese Temple located in Weaverville CA.  Got the idea for my daughter's class, which does a 4th Grade project.  Usually it's a mission, Mining Camp, or a Rail Road.  Instead, we did something related to Chinese during the Gold Rush.  We learned a lot about Chinese in California during the gold rush.

Click for larger Images...

The Real Joss House

Links: - Info. on the California State Park - Huell Howser Video for sale - Cool site that offers a virtual walk around the Joss House.

 Material Needed: Board
Green Styrofoam
Balsa Wood
Plastic Fencing
Paint (Red, Brown, Blue, Gold, White, and Green).
Plastic Bridge
Optional - Small animals (goes on top of the building at each end).  HO scale should work.  
Tools Needed: 
  1.  Coping Saw
 Instructions: 1. Take blue prints, make copy.  
2. Cut out and attach to wood.  Cut out.  
3. Suggest use Hot Glue to attach.  After finish building, paint structure. 
4. For ground, use styrofoam.  Cut out stream area with saw.  Glue to board.  
5. Then landscape.  Bridge we bought with fencing was brown, so repainted them Red.
6. Attach to side of model information on Joss House and Chinese History available from the Internet.  Cut to size.
7. Paint per photo's.
8. If you have somebody who can do write Chinese, take a fine permanent marker and write next to the doors.
 Blue Prints - The Joss House State Park was super helpful by actually sending us blue prints of the building. Right click to download. Front
Floor Plan
Right Side
Left Side

 I would like to acknowledge help from my Father who got the blue prints, and both of my parents help in building this project along with my daughter.  My Father-in-law (who has the best Chinese writing in the house) wrote the Chinese Characters on the door sides.  We had to watch the video to figure out the words.  My wife did touch up.  My daughter grade was on the landscaping, so the extra help doing the building was OK per her teacher.  It compared very well to the other projects in the class, even the student who had a Father who is an architect. 

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