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Lesson Plan - More 100 Best Children Stories


45 minutes

Subject Area


Grade Level

K-3rd grade

Unit Title


Lesson Title

The Two Brothers


Write 2-5 objectives stating expected learner outcomes

*Children will learn to listen for comprehension

*Learn the importance of helping and working together

*Think of ways they can help fellow classmates, friends, or family

 Materials and Resources:

More 100 Best Children's Stories from China

White board and markers

Anticipatory Set

List specific statements or activities you will use to focus students on the lesson for the day

 *What happens when you plant an apple seed?

*Does an apple tree only produce one apple?

*What happens?

Think about how we are like an apple seed as we read today's story. (10 minutes)


For the student's benefit, explain what students will be able to do by the time they successfully complete the lesson.

*To comprehend the story and its application to our lives today.

*Learn the importance of working together

*How we can be helpful to others



What information is essential for the student to know before beginning and how will this skill be communicated to the students

 Read Two Brothers (5 minutes)


If you will be demonstrating the skill or competence, how will this be done?

Why did the two brothers not get along?

Why did they always compete?

Did this make their parents happy? Why/why not?

What bad thing happened to make the brothers change?

How did they help each other?

What is a servant?

How were they rewarded in the end? (10 minutes)

Check for Understanding

Identify strategies to be used to determine if students have learned the objectives

Were the twins rewarded for competing?

What changed when they decided to work together?

What happens when we don't work together?

What happens when we work together?      (5 minutes)

Guided Practice

List activities which will be used to guide student practice and provide a time frame for completing this practice.

What are some ways we can help each other?

What are some ways we can help our family, friends, or our neighbors?

Think of ways you can help someone else, without expecting anything in return.(10 minutes)


What method of review and evaluation will be used to complete the lesson?

 Like the Two Brothers we can make a difference, no matter our age.  You are going to do something to help someone else.

Independent Practice

List homework/seatwork assignment to be given to the students to ensure they have mastered the skill without teacher guidance.

Without expecting anything in return, your assignment is to do something nice for someone else by helping them in some way, without being asked.  Then, I want you to write, draw a picture, (depending on the age) of how you helped someone. (5 minutes)


 What worked well?  What would you change?  Did the students participate?  Did they "get" the lesson, and realize they can make a difference in a positive way, no matter how small?

*This is a Madeline Hunter Lesson Plan Template

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More 100 Best Children's Stories from China
More 100 Best Children's Stories from China
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