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Mulan is one of my daughter's favorite movies.  For a while,  I believe she memorized the lines in the entire movie ("General, protect my people...").

It helps that she is Chinese and the film is about a Chinese hero. It also helps that the hero is a girl (rare for Disney), and so is my daughter.

For Halloween for the last two years, she dressed up as the cool Mulan (the warrior one). We also have a picture of her
in Mulan Costume on my Aunt's black horse Sam, which is great.

We offer quite a few different versions of Mulan. We have the original Chinese version (which is required reading at UC Berkeley and UC San Francisco), the Disney version in Chinese, and some books and DVDs. 

In the Disney-dubbed version for Taiwan, Jackie Chan played Shen and Coco Lee played Mulan (and sang the songs!). 

In the China version, I thought the Villain's voice was done better.  English wins for Eddy Murphy playing Mu Shu. Disney, due to politics, dubbed a different version for distribution in China.  In the recent DVD release of Mulan, Disney included a Mandarin track.  I am not sure which version.
Mulan is based on a sixth century poem.  Basically Mulan (a lady) takes the place of her younger brother, and wins a battle against some barbarians.  Huns were more a European issue. 
Browse Mulan materials below

Some Mulan Resources:

Mulan Poem, Chinese side by side with English

Mulan Poem, the original- In Chinese (its like reading Shakespearean English).  Page has not been updated for a while.   Also, see another original Mulan poem from another site.

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