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You are here: Home > Teaching Tips for Books You've Purchased > Chinese Lesson Plans > Pollution in China - Lesson Plan

Lesson Plan - Pollution in China


45 minutes

Grade Level

 9th-12th graders

Unit Title


Lesson Title

Pollution in China


Write 2-5 objectives stating expected learner outcomes

*Help students realize how something like pollution in China can affect globalization.

* increase the students vocabulary and ability to analyze using pollution in China as a case study.

 Materials and Resources:

Whiteboard and markers


FDA Consumer Mercury In Fish Cause for Concern, by the FDA, last updated updated by clb 1999-APR-19,

Bush, Kerry Are Worlds Apart on Trade Issues, August 15, 2004, By Evelyn Iritani, LA Times,,1,4793239.story?coll=la-headlines-business

Pollution in China in the Economist (August 21, 2004).

From the Economist, Don't drink the water and don't breathe the air - And don't expect the government's environmental watchdog to do much about it.


Anticipatory Set

List specific statements or activities you will use to focus students on the lesson for the day

 *Discuss the subject of pollution locally

*What can the US do about pollution in our country?

*Read the Economist article on pollution in China

*Can we do anything about the pollution in China? (5 minutes)


For the student's benefit, explain what students will be able to do by the time they successfully complete the lesson.

 *We need to understand how pollution in China can affect people around the world.

*To discuss have a better understanding of the world around us.

* Students will then at home use the Internet to find further resources on the topic, and write a one page essay on this.


What information is essential for the student to know before beginning and how will this skill be communicated to the students

*Discussion questions:

·        Has anyone gone to China?  What is your impression of China compared to the US?

·        What is the average wage in China per year ($1000)?  Does this vary across China?

·        How does pollution in China affect other countries? 

·        Why was the fog so thick in London at the time of Jack the Ripper (pollution caused by burning coal, which is very similar to the current pollution in China).

·          Will China improve it’s environment in the future?

·        What is the Olympics doing to Beijing’s amount of pollution?  Why is this important to China?

·        What power does public opinion have in a democracy, verses other forms of government?

·        What is Green mean environmentally?

·        What type of activities is done in the US to reduce pollution?  Has your family ever had a car smog checked? (15 minutes)


If you will be demonstrating the skill or competence, how will this be done?

*Go over vocabulary. (If students have trouble with a word, help them break it down into syllables and learn how to dissect a word for meaning.)

·        Environment

·        Globalization

·        Hamlets

·        Reservoir

·        Rubbish

·        Filtration

·        Bureaucratic

·        Rigidity

·        Stagnation

·        Green

·        Influx

·        Poverty

·        Tariffs

·        Developing country

      ·        NAFTA (15 minutes)

Check for Understanding

Identify strategies to be used to determine if students have learned the objectives

Have your answers to the questions asked at the beginning of class changed in any way?

*Discuss the subject of pollution locally

*What can the US do about pollution in our country?

*Read the Economist article on pollution in China

*Can we do anything about the pollution in China?  (5 minutes)

Guided Practice

List activities which will be used to guide student practice and provide a time frame for completing this practice.

Have the students take Cornell notes during the discussion and keyword study, for future reference.


What method of review and evaluation will be used to complete the lesson?

 Give the assignment for doing further research and writing a one page paper on pollution. (5 minutes)

Independent Practice

List homework/seatwork assignment to be given to the students to ensure they have mastered the skill without teacher guidance.

Two search examples: "Mercury poisoning in Japan” and “Nafta environmental issues”.

*Explaining of use of Internet to get further resources for one page paper on information paper about the Asian Environment.  

 *Include requirement of bringing printouts of pages they found useful, and why.  Two articles required.



 Did the students participate in the discussion?  Do you need more or less time for certain activities? What would you do differently or the same, next time the lesson is taught?

*Next class period, have the students share some of the information found in researching their papers

*This is a Madeline Hunter Lesson Plan Template

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