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Popularity Perfect Score of Snow White, Comic Education Series, Volume 2 by Painting Tree Studio, Traditional, softcover, 158 pages
Popularity Perfect Score of Snow White, Comic Education Series, Volume 2 by Painting Tree Studio, Traditional, softcover, 158 pages

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Popularity Perfect Score of Snow White, Comic Education Series, Volume 2 by Painting Tree Studio

South Korea's super-popular manga studio, specialized publication of the series of books and comics to illustrated the content and fully display the beauty of a fairy-tale dream world and the heaven, so all ages can learn to be a lot of gain, so work young people are subject to ﹑ ﹑ adults and children alike.

Traditional, softcover, 158 pages

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Age: 6-12
Language: Traditional Characters
Media: Book
ISBN 10: 9867531396
ISBN 13: 9789867531391

Product Code: A0512

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Popularity Perfect Score of Snow White, Anime Cartoons Volume 2 by Painting Tree Studio

"Snow White, popular maximum number of points - look at fairy tales? To make friends"

About wow! 新的學期開 始,我的周圍又開始聚集了好多新朋友! The new semester started, I began to gather around a lot of new friends! 在這樣的日子裡,能夠充滿自信而且受人歡迎是任何人都衷心期盼的吧? In such days, but can be confident that no one sincerely welcome looking forward to it? ! 人氣不只是只 有藝人會關心的話題,也是純真樸直的小朋友內心深處的想像,連大人也期待的盼望。 Popularity is not just only the artist would be a topic of concern, but also innocent children Puzhi deep inside the imagination, even the adults look forward to hope for. 閱讀本書的同時,你將能夠了解成為受歡迎的小孩有什麼好處,並學習如何受歡迎的方法! Read this book at the same time, you will be able to understand what the benefits of the popular kids, and popular way to learn how!

有時候會因為 自己沒有比想像中受歡迎而感到難過,又有時候會羨慕身邊總是有很多朋友的同學吧? Sometimes, because he did not think the popularity of more than sad, but also sometimes the envy of many friends around students who are always right?
就算你不說, 我也了解那樣的心情。 Even if you do not say, I also know that kind of mood.

最近很流行 「超人氣」、「超漂亮」、「超苗條」、「超會唸書」等等的字眼。 Has been a very popular "super popular", "super nice", "super slim", "ultra will study", etc. words.
大人對這樣的 現象感到憂心,其實對大部分的人而言,人氣可是非常重要的問題。 Adults worried for such a phenomenon, in fact, most of the people, the popular but very important issue. 因為我們並 不是一個人生活,而是與其他人共同相處生活。 Because we are not a person's life, but to get along with others live.

所以首先,我 們必須要了解什麼是受歡迎的人。 So, first of all, we have to understand what is the popular people. 受歡迎的第一階段是多關心自己的態度。 The first phase of popularity more concerned about their own attitudes. 這樣一來,學 校生活和團體生活會變得更樂趣。 As a result, school life and group life more fun. 這本書描述了 人氣(受歡迎)對我們的重要性,還有受歡迎會有哪些好處。 This book describes the popular (popular) on the importance to us, as well as what the benefits received.

這次仙度瑞拉和白雪公主來到了童話世界的魔法學校,為了爭取「好朋友獎」而各自努力,過程中我們可以見 到美女與野獸、萵苣、唐吉訶德、皮諾丘等等童話主角不同的一面,透過九個有趣的童話故事,來學習成為超人氣小朋友的秘訣,實在是再簡單不過了。 The Sendo Venezuela and Snow White came to the fairy-tale world, magic school, to strive for "good friend award" and their efforts to the process, we can see Beauty and the Beast, lettuce, Don Quixote, Pinocchio, etc. different side of fairy tale characters, fairy tales through nine fun to learn to become super-popular children's secret, it is again simple. 在闔上書本最後一頁的時候,你們可以期待自己轉變成受歡迎的程度不輸給明星超人氣小朋友的面貌。 In the last page, when I close my book, you can look forward to their own into the popularity of the ultra-popular kids do not lose star appearance.

啊! Ah! 不過成為超人 氣小朋友之後,也不要忘了要更謙虛、更親切地對待別人喔! However, after a super-popular kids, and do not forget to be more modest, more kindly toward others Oh! 還有受歡迎的 人為了維持人氣,必須要付出更多努力的事實。 There are popular people in order to maintain popularity, we must pay more to facts.

Traditional, softcover, 158 pages

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