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Latest Newsletter from ChildBook 

September 24, 2009 Newsletter

  1. 10 Reviews done for September! Don't forget that there's $100 at stake every month for the Review of the Month Contest.

  2. We are happy to announce that ChildBook's new look is finally up! It needs polishing here and there but it's looking good :) We hope you'll like it too. We are even open for your suggestions.

  3. Let's continue with more Moon Festival Celebration that's why I am giving more sale on Moon festival related products.

  4. Read my usual blog posts on Chinese related news and events (plus my two cent). More below!

  5. The New Practical Chinese Reader has been selling very well , edited by Xiu Lun.

  6. Our Moon Festival calendar is now being updated for 2009 events.  See the calendar if there are already scheduled moon fest activities in your area. This is updated regularly so please do visit it for more information.  Below is an upcoming Moon Festival Event.

  7. Below are stores that sells yummy Moon cakes! 

  8. Celebrating Moon Festival is one way of getting your kids interested in learning Chinese. Show them the beauty of Chinese culture and they will surely learn to love the language as well.
Moon Maiden SALE
Moon Festival mania is really in the air!
I can even smell moon cakes!*yummy*
This week, we offer another batch of Moon Festival
related products. Have fun!

Chinese Bakeries all over USA, Canada and other countries
Note:  Please call first to confirm availability.
ChildBook is not, in any way, connected to these bakeries.  These are just compiled for the convenience of ChildBook friends.

Tel. Nos. 415-433-7973, 415-392-4497, or 415-982-5157

Send checks to:
Eastern Bakery
720 Grant Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94108

Kee Wah Bakery (Los Angeles)

Kee Wah Bakery
729 West Garvey Avenue
Monterey Park, CA 91754, USA
Tel: 1-626-281-2680
Hours: 9:30AM - 7:30PM PST Daily

K and D Bakery
143A Mott Street
New York, NY 10013

Maxim's Bakery Ltd.
257 Keefer Street
Vancouver, BC V6A 1X6

Holiland Mooncake - Beijing, China (site in Chinese)

Mamicake mooncake - Shanghai, China

Raffles Hotel Mooncakes - Singapore

www.  - Hong Kong Wing Wah Cake Shop Ltd. - Vietnam

Tradewinds Mooncake - UK

There's several other listings on the main page at Moon Cakes- Where to Buy/ Purchase

Latest Entries from my Learning Chinese & Culture Blog

Review of the Week:

Chinese Treasure Chest - Volume 1, Simplified, Pinyin, English 330 pages
Our Price: $34.99
Product Rating
 5 stars  (1 Rating)

Chinese Treasure Chest - Volume 1
(Simplified Chinese characters)

  • Lesson Plans included teacher-guided activities
  • Ready-to-use games, songs, craft projects
  • Book is organized by month

This is a very useful book for teacher
By Cindy Liu from NJ on 9/2/2009

Best Uses:Entertainment
Describe Yourself:Avid Reader
Bottom Line:Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

There are lots of games, art products and coloring stuff. I do not need to warry how I can find them. And every month there has some Chinese culture and stories which I can introduce to my students.

Thanks Cindy! We hope to help more with your teaching skills.

Reviews are very much appreciated!  As well as rate the review!

Latest News Releases from ChildBook News Release - September 14, 2009

Moon Festival Events in US and Canada Compilation Now Released for Public Use


September 14, 2009; Rowland Heights, Calif., USA – A Chinese bookstore for kids is offering to the public a listing of Chinese Moon Festival events in the different US states and some areas of Canada. 


The Chinese Moon Festival is always held on the 15th day of the 8th month in the lunar calendar.  This year 2009, the Moon Festival will be on October 3.  It is the signal of the end of summer, and the beginning of autumn.  It is also a day for thanksgiving and for family to join together.


There are about 3 million Chinese-Americans celebrating the Moon Festival in the US.  Usual organizers of events are Chinese trade associations, schools, museums and parks. 

Among those that have already announced their events are different organizations in California, New York, Illinois and Vancouver. has been providing for several years compilations of Moon Festival events and other Chinese special holidays, such as the Chinese New Year and the Dragon Boat Festival.  This listing is provided for the convenience of interested families to participate in Chinese celebrations in their local communities.  Besides the 3 million ethnic Chinese, about 55,000 families have adopted kids from China.  There are also less than 2 million Chinese immigrants in the country today.  A big proportion of this number is expected to celebrate the Chinese Moon Festival.


Currently, the list  has about 50 Moon Festival Events and is continually being updated.  Expect more Moon Festival events to be posted through the weeks.


The Moon Festival events list can be found at:



Besides compiling a calendar of US-wide events, ChildBook also provides additional free resources that can be used by teachers and students to learn more about the Moon Festival.  Moon Festival lesson plans, coloring pages and worksheets are free and printable from ChildBook News Release - September 10, 2009

“New Practical Chinese Reader” Available at Special Prices for the Start of the School Year


September 10, 2009; Rowland Heights, Calif., USA - The Practical Chinese Reader textbook, a familiar learning-Chinese textbook used by student in the 1980’s, is now updated with a new edition.  Combining several learn-Chinese textbooks and edited by Liu Xun, the “New Practical Chinese Reader” is gaining popularity with students studying the Chinese language at home or in school.  In line with the start of the school year, offers a special introductory price of $18.99 for all levels of New Practical Chinese Reader Textbooks the whole month of September. 


The New Practical Chinese Reader has been updated so that today’s students are able to relate more to the lessons.  The style of teaching Chinese language has also been updated.  When before, memorization is the key to learning Chinese, this new series combines the different styles of teaching Chinese.  Students will focus not only on conversing in Chinese, but also learn about language structure and Chinese culture.  Thus, with the New Practical Chinese Reader, students are trained to be able to converse, read, write and understand (through listening) the Chinese language. 


Topics are widely covered, from the more personal – about the usual greetings, asking around and family – to the more social.  Talking about China’s events such as family planning, China’s aeronautics program plus more are also tackled.  Each lesson has a familiar structure to guide students.  These will always appear in every lesson:  New Words, Notes, Conversation Practice, Reading Comprehension, Phonetics, Grammar, Characters and Cultural Notes.


The New Practical Chinese Reader promises a comprehensive learning of the Chinese language using textbooks, workbooks, audio CDs for textbooks, audio CDs for workbooks and instructor’s manuals.  Available online at  Free shipping option for US orders worth $25 above.  Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back. 



Visit to see the textbooks.  Introductory sale ends on September 30, 2009. News Release - August 28, 2009

Free Teachers’ Book on How to Effectively Teach Children Mandarin Chinese  


Teachers can now avail of free 4-level Lesson Plans to teach Mandarin effectively.  Available at ChildBook.



Rowland Heights, CA, USA – 28 August 2009 – Teachers and parents looking for books on how to teach Chinese effectively to children can now get another guide from an online bookstore for kids learning Chinese. is pleased to announce that Practical Chinese series of textbooks now has teacher’s guides available.  While some Learn-Chinese teachers’ guides are for sale, the Practical Chinese Teachers’ Guide is available for free. 


Practical Chinese textbooks help children learn Mandarin Chinese easily through a guided.  Practical Chinese lessons also stress learning about Chinese culture to enhance children’s learning of the language.  Exercises gradually progress from writing characters with the correct stroke order, translating words into Chinese, asking and answering questions according to real life situations, translating sentences, and performing oral presentations. Students are also taught how to read Pin Yin.


Available materials from Practical Chinese are 8 levels of textbooks, workbooks and audio CD or cassette.  The free teachers’ guides are for the first 4 levels only, as of this date.  All materials are available in Simplified and Traditional Chinese. 


The lessons taught in Practical Chinese Series follow a curriculum approved by the Association of Chinese Teachers Foreign Language.  The curriculum is also a good review program for SATs and other Chinese proficiency test. 


Practical Chinese books were written by Ms. Wendy Lin, initially to help her 3 children learn Chinese.   The author then designed Practical Chinese to specifically cater to those who intend to use Chinese as a secondary language.  Wendy has taught at West Windsor Middle School, the Hun School in Princeton, and Marlboro Middle School. She also wrote the Chinese curriculum for the Marlboro school district. Currently, she is tutoring individuals and adoptive families other than writing, and teaching in Chinese school.


Practical Chinese is being used in schools in the US, Guam, Canada, Australia, Israel, Hong Kong, China  and more.


Copies of Practical Chinese Teachers’ Guides Levels 1 through 4 may be downloaded from News Release - August 27, 2009

6 Hour Program to Learn Bo Po Mo and Pinyin? New Product Release at Kids’ Bookstore



August 27, 2009; Rowland Heights, Calif., USA – A learn-Chinese bookstore for children is pleased to offer the public Champion Chinese, a program that claims to have students learn the 37 sounds of Bo Po Mo in 2-6 hours, instead of the usual 55 hours.


Champion Chinese is an interesting teaching and learning system of the Chinese language.  It is an interactive learning program based on the principles of "Multiple Intelligences" and "Whole Language".  This learning Chinese system is especially suited for those who want to start learning Bo Po Mo. It can also be used by those who already know some Bo Po Mo but also want to learn Hanyu Pinyin.


The Champion Chinese System was devised by a concerned parent, Ms. Pei-Pei Champion.  Ms Champion took her then 3-year old daughter to Chinese class and was horrified at how the children were uninterested in learning Chinese.  This motivated her to study the Bo Po Mo characters, until she found connections in the sounds and the images of characters.  Later she developed simple mnemonic devices that let the children easily understand and connect the characters to the pronunciation. is now carrying the starter books of the “Champion Chinese Sounding Systems & Pronunciation.” The starter books include the Student’s Edition and the Teacher’s Manual.   Audio CDs are also included for the Pronunciation Guide and drills. 

Ray Ritchey of ChildBook says, “We are pleased to go into partnership with Ms. Pei Pei Champion, the founder of Champion Chinese.  Like Ms. Champion, it is ChildBook’s goal to share the beauty of the Chinese language and culture to the young generation.” 


The Champion Chinese Student’s Edition includes tables of Bo Po Mo to Pinyin and activity based study of Bo Po Mo.  Students will be able to color and do activities to reinforce the Bo Po Mo and Pinyin learned.  Meanwhile, the Champion Chinese Teacher’s Manual guides parents and teachers how to teach Bo Po Mo and Pinyin with creative activities, such as writing, conversing in basic common conversation, singing and playing games.


Towards the end of the lessons, students are expected to recognize and write basic Bo Po Mo and Pinyin words.  They will also be able to converse in basic, useful Chinese.  Vocabulary is built up with the lessons so the students are expected to know the basics Chinese colors, numbers, shapes, animals, units of measurement, plus more.  It is also expected that students will be able to follow the Chinese songs provided.


Ms. Pei Pei  Champion is currently teaching at the Champion Chinese Language Institute, The Greater Hartford Classical Magnet School and the West Hartford Continuing Education, all in Connecticut.  She also speaks to people in different places to share the wonder of learning Chinese using her method. She was awarded "Chinese Teacher of the Year 2001 by the East Coast Association of Chinese Schools.  Ms . Champion graduated from University of Hartford with a major in Early Childhood Education. News Release - August 24, 2009

Chronicles of Narnia Now in Chinese

A Chinese bookstore for children is announcing the newest addition of Chinese translations of the young adult’s novels section, The Chronicles of Narnia. is now carrying the Chinese translation of the famous book series by CS Lewis.  All Narnia books 1-7 feature the adventures of the Pevensie children and their friends in the magical world of Narnia.  In the Narnia books, the children will face the evil elements who want to rule over Narnia and they will help restore peace and order to the land.

All books are available in Traditional Chinese and more suited for intermediate and advanced learners.  Ray Ritchey of ChildBook points out that “ChildBook is steadily building its collection of Chinese translations of popular novels for young people.  The thousands of children learning Chinese that we have served since 1997 are growing up, and some of them are teens now.  Surely there are bigger ChildBook kids who will appreciate Narnia and our other featured collections in Chinese - such as Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings Trilogy and the Eragon Series.” 

The seven titles of the Chronicles of Narnia are:  Book 1 – “The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe,” 2) “Prince Caspian,” 3) “The Voyage of the Dawn Trader,” 4) “The Silver Chair,” 5) “The Horse and his Boy,” 6) “The Magician’s Nephew,” and 7) “The Last Battle.”

For those who want to buy the set of The Chronicles of Narnia in Traditional Chinese, a bundle set is also available with special discount.

Visit to see the Chinese Narnia books. News Release - August 6, 2009

New Chinese Father's Day Coloring Pictures at Children’s Bookstore – Free for kids!


A Learn-Chinese children’s bookstore is pleased to announce the release of its newest coloring pictures online that children may use for free. released today the newest addition of coloring pictures to its Learn Chinese learning resources – pictures to color about Chinese Father's Day.  In China and Taiwan, Father's Day is celebrated on the 8th day of the eighth month because the word for 8 sounds like father, “ba ba.”  Besides Father's Day, August 8th is also considered an auspicious day for the Chinese, because the 2008 Olympics in Beijing  was launched on that day.


Along with this, pictures for Chinese Valentines Day and Hungry Ghost Festival are also posted.  Chinese Valentines Day this year is on  August 20, while the 15th day of the 7th month Hungry Ghost Festival is on September 2, 2009.  


A lot of parents access the net for free resources to teach their children. ChildBook has been offering through the years an assortment of coloring pictures and activity sheets to help children learn more about the Chinese language and culture.  Pictures launched before and still popular with customers are coloring pictures about Chinese New Year, Dragon Boat Festival and Lunar Mid-Autumn Festival. 


Other resources for kids to appreciate the Chinese culture that can be used by parents are activity sheets, craft instructions and instructions for games that kids play in China. 


For more information and Learning-Chinese materials, visit

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