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Racism Against Chinese in the US - Timeline



Foreign Miner Tax.  Tax per head.  Up to 50% of budget for state of California


Chinese Can't Give Court Testimony  The People Vs. Hall.


One of the earliest violence against Chinese.  Miners beat up outside of Yreka (where my grandmother lived).


Police Tax, where any Chinese over 18 and not in the mining industry had to pay $2.50 per month.  Ruled unconstitutional by the California Supreme Court in 1863.


Cerro Gordo Mine cave in.  35 Chinese Miners killed.  Mine was not shored up.  Still has a Chinese Cemetery there and a Ghost Town Cerro Gordo Ghost Town


Anti-Coolie Associations formed.  


19 Chinese killed.  Worst anti-Chinese rioting up to that time. Los Angeles riots.  Chinese barred from testifying in court.


Chinese now allowed to give court testimony.


re Ah Yup Chinese cant become US citizens.


No Native of China can become a California voter.  Repealed in 1826.


No Native of China can be employed by a public body.  A state wide anti-Chinese referendum passed with 99.4 of voters.


California law bars marriage between whites and Mongolians (Chinese).  Miscegenation


Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882 - Bars entry of Chinese Women to US except for relatives.  Result is high proportion of single men.


Wyoming Riots in Rock Springs.  28+ Chinese Miners killed.  Laurence Yep has written a book for teenagers about this - The Traitor by Laurence Yep, Gold Mountain Chronicles 1865


Riots against Chinese in West Coast including Washington and Portland.  Many Chinese move from West Coast to avoid violence (which is why there are Chinatowns in Chicago, New York, Boston, etc.).


31 Miners killed in Snake River Oregon.  Not found out about till 1996.


Chinese ordered in San Francisco to move into certain areas of town or be arrested.  Jim Crow laws


Chinese were required to have on them at all time a residency card or they could be arrested.


U.S.VS. WONG KIM ARK Establishes citizen rights for children born in US, even if parents are not US citizens.


Geary Act Extends Chinese exclusion act.


Alien Land Act forbids anyone who cant become a citizen (Chinese), from owning land.  Repealed in 1956.


Cable Act.  Chinese not allowed to inter-marry whites.  So a US citizen, woman who married a Chinese citizen was no longer a US citizen.


Cable act repealed.


Chinese Exclusion Repeal or the Magnuson Act - Changes to immigration act - China was an ally to US during WW2


California Supreme Court in Perez Vs. Sharp rules Anti-Miscegenation Laws are not legal.


94% of whites oppose interracial marriage per a Gallup Poll.


Changes to immigration law.  Immigration quotas are eliminated.


Anti-Miscegenation Laws overturned Loving vs. Virginia.  Chinese not allowed to marry between races overturned.


Vincent Chen killed in Detroit Mistaken for Japanese.  People killing him received no jail time by the state, but were then charged in Federal Court with Civil Rights Violations.


Affirmative action lawsuit filed (or investigation at UC Berkeley) against UC systems claiming a quota system was discriminating against Asian American enrollment.  Law suite also filed against SF School district.


California State proposition 209 passes that prohibits taking into account race for college admissions


Wen Ho Lee is accused of giving secrets to Chinese Government (even through he is from Taiwan).  Case is finally dropped.  Judge apologizes to Wen Ho Lee for how he is treated.


Lawsuit filed against Princeton for discrimination in admission practices.  Quote is are the Chinese being treated as Jews were in the 1920-1940 for College Admissions?

2008 Chinese Worker fired after complaining of racial slurs in San Francisco.  Result is  Muni contractor must pay $37,000 for anti-Chinese harassment
200930 Asian students of South Philadelphia High School were assaulted by African-American students.  The assaulters allegedly roam the halls "searching for victims class by class during school."  About 50 students boycotted by not going to school to get attention from the school district. 

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