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Resources for Kids To Learn Chinese

There are so many resources available for teaching Chinese!

The challenge is parents who don't speak Chinese and want to teach their kids Chinese. So how to make it so their kids learn Chinese?

Some suggestions on Learning Chinese:

General Observation - Teaching a foreign language requires a lot of keeping perseverance.

1. Decide Traditional or Simplified Characters (it's important). Simplified vs. Traditional Chinese Characters - Which to Learn

2. There is a TV Series on Nickelodian that is a great way to build interest. New Nick TV Cartoon - Ni Hao Kai Lan

3. To start with for exposure singing activities are nice because they can be family orientated. I like CD and book sets. Chinese Songs - CD/Tape With Book Sets

4. Listing to songs in the car to get used to Chinese is good. Songs in Mandarin Chinese - Compact Disks (CD's)

5. Exposure through video is good for the language. There are some cartoons on Chinese cable that might be good. Call your local cable company for more information. Jade Network is one I have heard of. There are also some Free Learning Mandarin Chinese Language Resources

6. Another alternative is finding a Chinese tutor over the Internet. Teaching Chinese using Skype

7. I like the Practical Chinese 10 Level Learning Chinese System Series for teaching Chinese. The activity/workbook is A+ and is actually like the workbooks found in US schools. Lots of graphics that kids circle to learn concepts. It starts out with Beginner 1 and 2 (for small kids).

Learn Chinese Language eChineseLearning newsletter offers you a wide range of Chinese resources for children and adults. These practical and thoughtful materials can help you when you learn Chinese.

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