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Chinese Bookstore Payment

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ChildBook's Shipping/Freight Rates:

Customer Feedback:

Couldn't believe my eyes when your package arrived today - in effect half a business day after I sent the order! Thanks for your excellent service and personal note. Wish you success with your enterprise and look forward to doing business with you in the future.

Don (The order was placed Saturday and he got it Monday).

Shipping is not a profit area, and we try to achieve break even in our shipping costs. Shipping is not free for us, especially overseas shipping. And unfortunately shipping costs charged to us keeps on going up.

United States, APO, and FPO

Free Shipping for Orders over $35+

  • Orders of $35+ can get in the US Free Shipping via Media Mail, 1-14 shipping days.

Standard Shipping - US Addresses Only, Media Mail

  • Only $3.99 for the first item. Each additional item is only $.99 more.
  • Takes 1-14 days - CA is usually 1-2 days, Midwest 4-5 days, East Cost is usually 5-7 days, but any address can take the full 14 shipping days.

2-3 Days - Priority Mail

  • Only $6.99 for the first item. Each additional item is only $3.99 more.
  • Priority Mail takes 2-4 Days for U.S. shipments - California 1 day, East Coast is 2-4 days. Ships within 1 business day.
  • Most cost effective way for shipping light weight packages! Other methods start at $10 and take up to a week. Compare our shipping rates with our competitors and you will find we are on average 30% cheaper.

Next Day (USPS Express Mail) 1-2 Days (Express Mail Commitments from 91748)

  • $34.95 for the first item and $7.95 for each additional item.
  • 10 AM Cut Off on orders for in stock items USPS does deliver on Saturdays and their commitment is by 3PM. Express Mail is a lower Cost method that works 98% for next day delivery to most locations. Please check the USPS Express Mail Commitments.
Canada and Mexico

1st Class Air Mail - Canada / Mexico

  • $14.99 for the first item. Each additional item is $4.99 more. I wish the cost was lower.
  • Usually 7-15 shipping Days. It depends on customs.
  • All items are insured.
  • Maximum 4 lbs

Priority Mail International - Canada / Mexico

  • $24.99 for the first item, each additional item is $8.99 more.
  • Usually 5-10 shipping Days. It depends on customs.
  • All items are insured.
  • Includes Tracking
Express Mail 3-5 Business Days - Canada / Mexico
  • $39.99 for the first item, each additional item is $8.99
  • Usually 3-5 shipping Days. It depends on customs.
  • All items are insured
  • Includes tracking

Foreign Shipping (Except Canada and Mexico)

Air Mail U.S. Postal Service is usually 7-21 shipping days (depends on customs).

  • $18.99 for the first item, and $8.99 for each additional item.
  • All items are insured
  • Maximum 4 lbs

International Priority Mail (Faster) U.S. Postal Service 5-10 shipping days (depends on customs).

  • $39.99 for the first item, and $8.99 for each additional item.
  • All items are insured
  • Includes tracking

Express Mail (Fastest) 3-5 Business Days (depends on customs).

  • $47.99 for the first item, plus $7.99 for each additional item
  • All items are insured
  • Includes tracking

    Times do not include time in customs

  • * Note on Bundled and Overweight Items
  • Bundled and Overweight Items:
    items that are bundled (like a set of 24 books and CD may be listed as 10 items, why 10 instead of 24, my attempt to be fair) will have a slightly higher shipping cost to reflect their actual shipping cost. So a set of 4 books may count as 4 items. 36 book set for example weigh just over 3 lbs. The goal is to charge the actual cost for shipping -not to make or lose money on shipping. I just did a shipment to Singapore where I lost money on the total order, because of the weight issue. Weights were adjusted after the order...

    Our Goal

      Our goal is to get your order to you as fast as possible at a reasonable cost!

      We ship within a business day barring emergencies. We keep our inventory in stock to avoid problems and headaches (I hate back orders). The goal is to make your buying from us as easy as possible!


      Ray, Owner

  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Is your shipping Fair?
    Short answer is yes, I believe so.

    Longer answers:

    • Childbook offers free shipping as service to customers and with the increases in freight it's hard.
    • I try to make shipping at our cost. Unfortunately shipping costs, and it's not free. And it keeps on going up.
    • If a customer opts for US Priority Mail (2-3 days) or ships internationally, I charge the same amount for shipping a DVD that weighs 6 ounces, as the latest Harry Potter book. Even if the cost for shipping is considerably different. ChildBook also charges the shipping charge for a customer in California that is local, as one in New York.
    • What I have done to make this fairer is increase the price for items that are bundled on shipping (unless a customer chooses free shipping) with the goal of just covering the cost on shipping. The goal is to make shipping break even, and not be a profit or loss area. In practice, sometimes I make money on shipping on an order and other times lose money. It usually evens out.

    Free Shipping - Why not International?

    Cost, unfortunately even to Canada the cost of shipping is much more than within the US and I can't be losing money on shipping orders, or I won't have a business for long.

    Free Shipping - Why $35?

    There is this large company that set the minimum order at $25, so I just copied them for ChildBook and it makes sense. Below $35 there is not enough profit to be used to cover the free shipping. My lowest actually shipping cost is $3 within the US for shipping a CD, which reflects my shipping charge for one item of $3.99.

    Shipping Costs? It's more expensive than you think...

    1. Cost of actual shipping from UPS, FedEx, US Post Office, etc. This has been increasing due to the price of oil increasing.
    2. Cost of the box (around 50 cents each), except if you use priority mail, then it's free.
    3. Cost of material (bubble wrap tracks the price of oil, so it's increased).
    4. Costs vary depending on zones (how far it is from you) and weight.
    5. There is a labor cost.
    6. Label cost
  • Note on Shipping Tariffs
  • Any tariffs, taxes, custom duties, etc. that the country you live in charges for goods shipped from are your responsibility. These change from country to country. Please add any relevant notes needed on the custom form (such as education material) in a note on your order. Please do not request I mark an item as a gift, unless it is a gift (usually a different bill to and ship to address) for the custom forms. All information on the customers form is filled in per the invoice on what you were charged.

  • Shipping on
  • Is a separate site (run by my wife) that sells Girl's Dresses including Girl's Chinese (Qipao) Dresses. She does charge a shipping charge because she ships out Priority Mail which costs. Plus she checks each dress before it ships to make sure all the flowers look great, zippers work, irons if needed, wraps it in tissue paper, then seals it in a plastic bag. This adds up to extra labor that a small charge is added in the shipping and handling cost.

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