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Teachers' Guides to the Different Chinese Curricula in ChildBook

If you are looking for a Chinese textbook that has an accompanying teacher's manual, please see the books below. The following books have been used by many teachers in the USA, Australia, Singapore and Europe to teach Chinese.

Clicking the links  below will lead you to the Textbook sets these manuals are part of.  You may check out the content and additional information about each series.

We hope you'll find something that you can enjoy using in the classroom, as well as help your students excitedly learn the Chinese language.

Teacher's Manual
Curriculum Title
Teacher's Guide for My First Chinese Reader

My First Chinese Words by Better Chinese

For ages 2-7

Champion Chinese

Champion Chinese

Teaches Bo Po Mo in 2-5 hours, versus 55 hours


My First Chinese Reader

My First Chinese Reader by Better Chinese

Step 2 from My First Chinese Words

Chinese Made Easy Teacher's Guide

Chinese Made Easy

Step 2 from Chinese Made Easy for Kids Curriculum

Kuaile Hanyu Teachers' Guide

Kuaile Hanyu / Happy Chinese

For Middle School/ Junior High Students

Discovering Chinese Teacher's Guide

Discovering Chinese by Better Chinese

For 6th grade and up

New Practical Chinese Reader Instructor's Manual

New Practical Chinese Reader

For college/ university students


Practical Chinese Reader Teacher's Guide




Practical Chinese Reader by Wendy Lin

For pre-school to high school

Chinese Children Songs
Sing Along Songs for Chinese
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