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You are here: Home > Teaching Tips for Books You've Purchased > Chinese Lesson Plans > What is needed to succeed in tomorrow’s economy? Lesson Plan
Lesson Plan 4
Title:  What is needed to succeed in tomorrow’s economy?


Helping students become aware of the changes in the job market that will help them in guiding their future careers.

Class Characteristics:

Students are ethnic Chinese.  Grade level they are entering varies from Eighth grade to eleventh grade.  Mixture of native born and foreign born students.  Writing ability varies.  There are approximately eight people in class.  All students are interested in going to college. 

Special Accommodations
Students are for the most part shy and this may be cultural.  They do not for the most part willingly without being called on.  Because of this I will call on each student by name to share, using a seating chart.  On any difficult words that members of the class may not know, I will write it on the board.  I go through the material repetitively, using different ways to assure comprehension.  I also ask a lot of questions to make sure the class is following the material being presented.

List of vocabulary and whiteboard.  Writing materials needed by students.

Student/Teacher Activities:
General Lecture.  Use of questions and white board to communicate with students.  Take class vote on what people think are correct answers.
Use of Cornell Notes
Quick write, one paragraph, what impact is China having on 
Sharing of paragraph.  Discussion. 
Discussion Questions:
Ask at beginning, what each student wants to do after college?
What has changed in the education requirements for jobs?
What is outsourcing going to do to jobs in the US?  Indian College graduate is willing to work for $200 to $300 per month.
What type of model are schools set up for?  Industrial model.
Do schools teach the personal characteristic necessary for success.  Motivation, time management, etc?
Peter Drucker:  Difference between “What do I want to do” verses “What do I need to do?”
How much vacation is normal in European countries?
What is the unemployment rate in the US verses Europe?
What does the US give up for our lower unemployment rate?

Suggested Readings:
Peter Drucker on the future of work.  Thomas Friedman’s columns in the NY Times. 

Links: - Entertainment - Robert Reich offers ideas for 'Future of Success' - March 5, 2001, CNN, By Jamie Allen

Jobless in America, Robert Reich - Work - CIO Magazine Fall 2003

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