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Why Choose ChildBook for your Purchase?

1. We have been in business 10 years and to survive this long, we must be doing something right.  That means the right products, customer service, knowledge, and a bit of luck.
2. We care and we do our own customer service.  So if you have a problem or question, contact us.  You are not going to get a scripted snippet but your own personal answer. If you are having problems ordering online, yes, we do phone orders.  However, we prefer that you order online.   This way, we do not type your address wrong because we heard it wrong.  We are a family-run business and we want our customers to be treated as we want to be treated:
With respect, great service, and a fair deal. 
3. Read our testimonials.  This shows our level of customer service.
4. Only items that are in stock are on the site.  Therefore, there are no back orders.  It enables shipment on the same day.
5. We try to pick only quality items.  We refuse to sell several items that failed our initial quality check or customer feedback. We have also reduced prices on others that customers felt cost too much.  We dislike returns and a great way to reduce returns is not to sell poor quality products in the first place.  Because of this, ChildBook has a very low return rate which we want to continue.
6. Fair Guarantee.  Basically, we do not want to take advantage of customers and we do not want them taking advantage of us.
7. Items are shipped within one business day of receipt.
8. Free Shipping on US orders over $25.
9. Customer Reviews are turned on so you know which product to buy.  There are some sites that are afraid to enable reviews because they may get negative ones.  Negative reviews are great  because it gives us feedback on the product.   
10. Personal Touch and Knowledge.  We do recommendations, so if you say "I want a present for this age and gender", we will give you our opinion and you can blame it on us if they dislike it.  We also have some knowledge since my wife and I have been bringing up our daughter bilingually and our daughter now knows Mandarin and English (and a bit of Taiwanese).  We also have a blog that discusses topics about learning Chinese and Chinese culture.
Ray, Owner
800-689-1218 or E-Mail us.
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