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Why do parents want their children to learn Chinese?

Why would any parent want to put up with the hard work of getting their child to know Chinese?

Because a wise parent knows this gives their kids an advantage in our ever-changing world where the Chinese is once again increasing in power, especially economically. 

China's Economic Growth
The growth rate of China over the past 20 years has been amazing.  You go to China now and you see on the coastal areas, such as Shanghai, a very advanced economy that is focused on technology.  Other parts of China have become the factory of the world.  China does have challenges, such as the environment and an aging population, but look at how much they have achieved since 1976.  They have done an amazing job lifting hundreds of millions out of poverty.  And within the next 20 years I expect China will send a person to the Moon.

Amount of People Studying Chinese Worldwide
Every year, over 51,582 Americans are studying Chinese in colleges.  Teaching Chinese is exploding in the K-12 Schools. In 2006 over 11,064 American students went to China to study Chinese.

China's Population
1 out of 5 people in the world (
or 20%) live in China.  This is a huge potential market that is expanding at a fast rate.  The ability to speak Chinese and understand the Chinese culture is key for taking advantage of this huge opportunity.

5,000 Years of Chinese Culture
In K-12 I learned about European History, but what of China? that has been a huge power in the world.  That it invented gun powder and has over 5000 years of culture.  From art to literature to history, there is a huge amount to learn about China.

Chinese for Government Officials
Chinese has become a great language at many levels of government.  Kevin Rudd, the former Australian Prime Minister (now foreign minister), is fluent in Mandarin Chinese.  Timothy Geitner the US Treasury Secretary, studied Chinese and attended Beijing University.  Jon Huntsman, the former Utah Governor, now Ambassador to China  is fluent in Chinese.  He learned it as a missionary in Taiwan and has an adopted child from China.  Did this help as governor of Utah when he went on trade missions to China?  When Mr Geitner is negotiating with China over the US debt and reassuring them we are a good risk, did his knowledge of Chinese help?

It’s become Easier to Learn Chinese for Kids!

References:  USC China Institute on Chinese Language Study is Rising Fast

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