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Hi, Ray,

I just wanted to let you know that I received the tapes yesterday. My son and I watched Winnie the Pooh yesterday evening, and I just have to tell you that I was really amazed about how incredible the quality is!
The voices and the characterization of the voices are really excellent. As you know, I don't speak Chinese and even I enjoyed it. Thank you very much for making these tapes available. I know my son will watch them over and over for many years to come.

Thank you!

Dean Manuele

A recommendation that was on the FCC Mailing List:

I found this site for Chinese videos in Mandarin and have found the
tapes, CD's and videos to be terrific. I adopted my child when she was almost three and spoke Mandarin. The challenge of keeping her language skills has been major. She loves the Cinderella story and understands the Chinese. If you're interested, I heartily recommend this site.

from Jill Totenberg

Thank you so much for your reply! You have made my day. I want to reserve "Mulan" for me. I will mail my order form in tomorrow.

Thank you again!

Jenny Lin - Arizona


We received your order a few days ago. thank-you very much. You are right,
the Chinese Mulan is a hit. (not that we have the English to compare to)
After a million plays, even I am speaking some Chinese. The kids loved the
books and had our Chinese babysitter read them all day over and over again.
(I'm not sure she was too happy!!!)



Wow (again)!
We are delighted with the books you sent this week.

Jan Johnson
Princeton (NJ) Public Library

Hello. I am so happy to find your website. I just wanted to say "Good Job."

I'm sure I'll order from you in the future too.
Angela Sheloy

Ray ,
I just got your web site from and feel so excited; I have spread your URL to my friends who are American parents adopted their kids from China, they really concern about their kids Chinese culture education.

J.Z - Ohio

Thanks for all your personal attention in finding the right book for my
kids. My daughter loves the Disney movies. We watch them together and pick
out new words and phrases each time. The CD stories are great too. The
language is simple and easy to follow. We look forward to new additions to
your website.

KC - New Jersey

Dear Ray,

I received my package and am thrilled with the Chinese products. They will be so helpful. The bookstores I regularly shop at carry few, if any, Chinese materials. Your store is just what I have been looking for.

Finding your store was not very difficult. I searched for Chinese materials on the search engine "Dogpile," and obtained a few sights, of which yours was the most impressive.

Learning a new language is always daunting. However, the products you supply will make my study of Chinese much simpler and more exciting. If you have any suggestions, I would greatly appreciate them.

Thank you,
Lori Seppi

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